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"Don't underestimate me. In the outside world, I am one of the finest Gym Leaders of my homeworld, and am known as the Dragon Master. Here, in this order of guardians, you may know me as Neo Sailor Tiamat, the Sea Dragon, and the Mistress of the Seas. I won't tolerate weakness or arrogance among my sisters, and I expect respect between us. Now that we've cleared that up, let's get this mission done and return home in one piece, shall we? There's no room for error here, Senshi. Make one wrong move and you're dead. Dead, you understand?"

-Neo Sailor Tiamat, Soldier of the Deep, The Sea Dragon, The Blessed User of Dragon Pokemon, Dragon Master and Leader of the Blackthorn Gym, the Lady Tiamat.

Many are the Sailor Senshi that comprise the Star Warriors, and they all come from different worlds to serve a common purpose. There is a world located close to our Earth where humans live in peaceful co-existence with a species of sentient creatures called Pokémon. Humans and Pokémon in this world work together to live prosperously, and there is a culture on this planet that revolves around humans training and keeping Pokémon for various purposes. This Senshi is well-known among her sisters in the Star Warriors, and in her civilian life, she is world-renowned as one of the greatest Pokemon Trainers and Gym Leaders of her planet. For she is known as the Dragon Master.

Clair is descended from a long line of Dragon-type Pokemon Trainers hailing from the Johto region of her homeworld, and is the current leader of the Blackthorn Gym. In addition, she is also the protector of another region sacred to Pokemon: the Dragon Holy Land. It is a paradise in which Pokémon reside peacefully with one another and sometimes train to become stronger. All of this is the burden of responsibility that Clair must bear, and that burden has grown even more with her acceptance into the Order of the Star Warriors.

When the Star Warriors returned once more to her homeworld to recruit new women for their ranks, several eyes were drawn to the Dragon Master herself, interested in her as a potential candidate. To see if she would be interested in joining the Star Warriors, they decided to send one of their newest recruits who was already well into her training. She was also a good friend of Clair, having known her since childhood. That was Liza, who had been recruited into the Star Warriors two years earlier and had yet to be fully initiated as a Senshi herself. So it was that Liza met with Clair once again, first talking about recent events and enjoying good talk with her childhood friend before she finally came to the real reason of her visit. Clair listened to everything that Liza told her, and after some contemplation, decided that to join was a good thing. So did Clair agree to become a Senshi herself, and she was fully inducted into the Star Warriors, undergoing the same training as her friend Liza. The two were inseparable during the course of their six-year training, and Clair- while still a trainee- was present at Liza's initiation ceremony, looking at her friend become a full-fledged Senshi with her very eyes.

Two years later, Clair's training was complete and this time, the spotlight shined down upon her. She was fully initiated and ordained as a Sailor Senshi of the Star Warriors that day. For her identity, Clair decided to name herself after an ancient primordial sea goddess and creature of Mesopotamian myth; it was fitting since the creature was a dragon of that ancient realm's mythology and she was the foremost user and expert on Dragon-type Pokemon. Thus did Clair become Sailor Tiamat, after the ancient sea dragon of Mesopotamia.

Now years later, Clair has continued her service with the Star Warriors as Neo Sailor Tiamat. Among her sisters within the Star Warriors, she is considered to be one of the calmest yet most aggressive and martial of the Star Warrior Senshi. A no-nonsense attitude and stoic presence is what has defined Clair since her initiation, though she is fair and open to all who encounter her. She is also known as one of the "Two Powers", for she most often ventures into missions for the Star Warriors with her friend Liza, who has attained the same rank of Neo and is a full Senshi herself. Outside of her Senshi identity, Clair remains the Gym Leader of Blackthorn City, protector of the Dragon Holy Land, and perhaps the finest Dragon Master her world has ever seen.

Items and Weapons

Ocean Gem- her Transformation Item, Clair's ascendance into Neo Sailor Tiamat involves a torrent of water, the dragon's roar, and the utterance of "Tiamat Dragon Power" to complete her transformation.

The Dragon's Spear- her main Attack Item, the Dragon's Spear is a finely-wrought weapon of remarkable power. Like Agni's Firelance, the spear is capable of conjuring the powers of water and the rage of the storm. It is among one of the most potent magical and physical weapons in the Star Warriors' arsenal.

Known attacks

Stormbreaker- a powerful elemental attack, Clair can manipulate the winds and the water to create small but undeniably lethal storms of destructive power.

The Dragon's Flight- this attack gives Clair the power of flight, though as a Senshi of wind she is already capable of flying across the winds. Rather, this attack gives her additional speed and flight to strike down numerous foes or a single enemy with just one sweep of her weapon. She also becomes impossibly fast with this attack.

Water Rage Inundation- calling upon her innate power of water and that of her namesake, Clair has the power to summon forth flash floods and can cause them to increase in intensity, even to the point of flooding an entire city, if necessary.

Tiamat's Wrath- her most powerful attack, it can only be used if Clair is near a large body of water, such as an ocean or landlocked sea. The water of said ocean envelopes her and imbues Clair with the inherent power of nature. Once complete, she reemerges from the depths of the water as a beast resembling a dragon made of water and lightning. It is said by many that Clair, when under the influence of this attack, becomes the living personification of the dragon Tiamat herself. None can doubt the destructive potency of her attack, either.


Like her friend Liza, Clair often remains upon the world of her birth, for she still has to uphold her responsibilities of running the Blackthorn Gym as well as upholding her family legacy as the Dragon Master. So she isn't seen as often as her Senshi sisters during missions, but when Clair does take to the field, her successes are worth recording. They include:

.During the defense of a waterworld from an extraterrestrial foe, Clair was essential to the defenders' effort. As Neo Sailor Tiamat, she was able to summon forth the very oceans themselves to fend off the invaders, thus ensuring victory in a short amount of time.
.Clair was present with a group of environmental activists who were trying to protect an endangered sea species's hunting grounds from a mining corporation intent on deep sea mining for precious minerals beneath the ocean bedrock. Clair constantly pushed back the corporation's mining ships by raising high sea walls and blocking their path. She kept on doing this until the activists and the corporate representatives finally came up with a compromise.
.She was instrumental in the relief effort of a island chain that had suffered a severe hurricane for four days. Whole areas of the islands were flooded, and Clair was able to recede the waters with her powers.

Another crossover of Pokemon and Sailor Moon. Meet Neo Sailor Tiamat, aka Clair the Dragon Master, a character from the Pokemon series made into a Senshi.
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