Farm Love? Picture

While drawing some of my characters/pairings that get less attention, I decided to draw Kagamiko and Londa. Both of these characters are not well expressed on DA, especially the latter.

Kagamiko is one of my Goddess characters. She is the daughter of Kagami [Karma] and her element is Serendipity. She is very adventurous and dedicated to training, but she is also very silly and mischievous.

Londa [full name London] is a Harvest Moon persona I created. Londa is an introvert who enjoys working on his farm or reading mythology books.

Top Left: Simple Kagamiko and Londa. By no means is Londa sexists, but he is concerned with Kagamiko's rebellious attitude and her passion for sword-fighting.

Bottom Left: Londa and Kagamiko taking a break [from farming and training respectively] by doing some light reading. Londa is reading myths and legends while Kagamiko is reading ancient Chinese literature about combat.

Top Right: The REAL pairing of this page, LondaxSheep! ... ok, I can't get over how cute Londa and the sheep are. Londa adores sheep, they are his weakness. Kagamiko approves.

Bottom Right: She did that simply to embarrass him. Although these two are a possible couple and he is heterosexual, he's in no rush to get married. He gets really bashful around women. And she has no interest in being in a monogamous relationship, since she is panromantic but asexual... in some odd way... well she IS a Goddess so...

Kagamiko and Londa (C) Me
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