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OK first of all just to be perfectly clear, this story has nothing to do with my earlier story entitled "Parallel Equestria Girls"(as seen in link… ) , I only made that story out of my angst from watching the 1st EQG Movie back in 2013, but as time moved on I slowly got over that, and have grown more accustomed to the EQG Side of the MLP Franchise, especially since they brought the Real Human Twilight Sparkle(aka Sci-Twi) into the Human Mane 6, but there are still some things that puzzle me about the EQG Stories, and just so you know I'll be using Material from both the Movies & the Comic Books, and whether you think that they are Canonically linked or not is you're issue not mine.

Things like if Sunset was about the age of a Teenage Pony close to the age of Teen Cadence & Teen Shining Armor, while Twilight was still just a Cutie-Markless Filly when Sunset first went through the Mirror Portal, and Sunset came into the Human World still looking like a Teenager, the same way she looks even to today, then wouldn't that mean that That event happened just a couple of years shy of a decade ago, meaning that Sunset may have been living in the Human World a lot longer than we all thought, so shouldn't Sunset like be like a young adult in her early 20s or something, yet for some reason she still looks like the exact same age she was on the day she first arrived in the Human World, even the old photos of her winning that Fall Formal Princess Thing 3 times in a row seen in EQG1 & the EQG:RR short entitled "My Past is Not Today" shows her not really aging much at all over about a 3-year period of time, I mean it's as if Sunset has somehow stopped aging or something, so what's the deal with That?

And if the Dazzlings a.k.a. the Sirens lived during the time of Starswirl the Bearded, then how could they still be alive today, I mean even if Equestrian Sea Sirens have longevity like Celestia or Luna or Changelings or whatever creatures there are in Equestria that live Long Life-Spans, the Sirens were turned into Humans, and Humans only live around 100 years give or take, and if they were Human Teenagers than they should only be able live a limited number of years/decades, yet they seem to have somehow remained Teenagers today, and their amulets couldn't have been some sort of source of Eternal Youth for them, because once their amulets were shattered it would have meant that they should have aged all at once & turned to dust, but they didn't, so the amulets couldn't have been a source of Immortality for them or anything, so it had to be something else, yes I'm well aware that when Starswirl the Bearded sent them to the Human World they apparently traveled in the future as well, however it was revealed that the Sirens invented the genre of Pop Music in the Pony World, and in the Real World the term "Pop Song" was being used since back in the 1910s, and if possible that the Sirens were the ones who brought Pop Music to the Human World, then that would indicate that the Sirens could have ended up in the Human World any time from 1 to 100 years before the events of Rainbow Rocks, which would only further evidence that they have been in the Human World for a really long time and have not aged a day since, and even if the Mirror Portal sent them to the future closer to the Modern Times, then why would the Mirror Portal even send them through Time as well as to another Dimension?

And when Sunset put Twilight's Magic Crown on her head, why did she end up transforming into a She-Demon-like creature that somewhat resembles a Real World Mythological Succubus, if it was Pony Magic then wouldn't Sunset have changed back into her original Unicorn Form, or at the very least a Zoomorphic Ponyfied version of herself, but no, she ended up becoming a Leather Winged, Pointy Eared, 4-Finger Handed Demon with a Horse-like Tail, which seemed highly unlikely, I mean is that kind of Demon like some sort of Creature that exists in the Pony World or something, and even if Sunset's heart was full of Hate, Jealousy & Lust back then, it wouldn't really make sense why she would turn into a Succubus-like Demon with a thurst for concurring Equestria & destroying every obstacle in her path when she was exposed to *Pony* Magic, there had to be something else involved in all of this, like something that was wrong with the Magic in the Crown, same thing could be said with the Real Human Twilight a.k.a. Sci-Twi's Magic Draining pendent, there had to be something Sci-Twi got from Sunset when she Drained the Portal of it's Magic, when she became Midnight Sparkle she began acting more like Sunset back when Sunset was in her Demon Form, especially the part where she was willing to destroy everything in her path to get what she wanted, even if it meant destroying her own Home World without giving a care about it, as if she deemed her Home World worthless or something, that would explain why Sunset & Sci-Twi's transformations in EQG 3:Friendship Games were so different, But what could it have been that caused these 2 to become so demonic when they were exposed to Pony Magic in the 1st & 3rd Movies?

And if Starswirl the Bearded was the one who created the Mirror Portal, and an original destabilizing prototype that was used in the main idea for the "Reflections" story arc, then what would stop him from making more Mirror Portals that all lead only to Specific Worlds, but what really puzzles me is why does the Mirror Portal leading to the Home World of Canterlot High have something about it that causes many Equestrian Creatures to take on Human Forms, I mean Celestia & Starswirl kept traveling to many different Worlds & they never changed their forms even once, and in the World of the Power Ponies the Mane-iac traveled through a Mirror Portal similar to the one used in the EQG Movies, and it lead her to the Human World equivalent of the Power Ponies World, but when Mane-iac arrived there she remained in her Pony Form, and later meet her Human Counterpart, so it ended up having 2 versions of the Mane-iac, 1 Human, 1 Pony, in the same World for a short period of time, plus in EQG3 the Jackalope & Plant Monster were able to come through "Holes in Space"-like Portals and they're creatures that don't fit in with the Human World, nor did Human Rarity & those other Students change their forms in any way when they were falling into the big hole-portal on the ground, so the Mirror Portal used in the EQG Movies must have had something special done to the Mirror Itself to make beings from Equestria take on new Forms that would allow them to blend in with the Human World, but if Starswirl the Bearded was the one who did that special something to that specific Mirror Portal, and if he didn't do something right then whatever he did to that Mirror Portal may not only cause Transformations between Travels between Dimensions, and would only be able to open once every 30 Moons by itself, but could also have some bizarre effect on Time as well, like maybe somehow hit Pause on the Aging Process so that while in their new Forms, anything from Equestria would be stuck at the exact same age that they were at when they first came through the Portal, and maybe be the reason why the Sirens were sent into the Future of the Human World, but the Real Question here would be Why Starswirl would make that Mirror Portal have such a modification, What could have been the Reason that Drove Starswirl to do something like That?

But most important of all: If just about Every Pony in the Pony World has a Human Counterpart living in the Human World, Then Where The Tartarus Is Pony Sunset Shimmer's Human Counterpart - The Real Human Sunset Shimmer?!


Well after countless crack-pot theories & research, I came up some Ideas that may be able to explain some of that stuff, and tell about the Idea I came up with for the Script of Another Equestria Girls Movie, But First allow me to explain some important aspects involving my ideas just to get them out of the way & maybe help avoid the need to ask questions during the story:

First of all I believe that the Demon Form Sunset took in the 1st EQG Movie is an actual Demon from the Pony World, Demons that came from a land outside of Equestria, I refer to the males as Incubi(Incubus in singular) & the females as Succubi(Succubus in singular) because they bear a strong resemblance to the Real World Mythological Demons known by the same names, Yes I'm well aware that in Real World Mythology they are supposed to be "SEX Demons", but the MLP:FiM Franchise is known for taking Real World Mythological Creatures & altering them to be different from their Real World Mythological Counterparts, examples would be where they took the Manticore and gave it a Lion's Head instead of a Human's Lead, or where they took the Windigo and changed it from a Yeti/Werewolf-like beast to a Ghost-like Equine Winter Spirit that feeds on Hatred & spreads Cold Weather, or where they took the Changeling and altered it from a Humanoid Imp-like creature that steals Human babies & replaces them one of their own babies, to Shape-shifting Bug-like Equines that are basically Emotion Vampires that feed on Love, or how they took Vampire Bats & made them feed on Fruit Juice instead of Blood, or where they took the Chimera and made it seem to be Part Saber-toothed Tiger instead of Part Lion, or where they took the Bugbear and changed it from a Big Furry Orc-like creature that acts as some alternative to the Boogey-Man, to a Monster that's literally Part Panda Bear & Part Bumble Bee, Plus when Tirek & Scorpan were revamped they were depict as Magic-Eating Demons despite being a Bovine-like Centaur & a Furry Gargoyle, so for the Succubi & Incubi they could simply change them into something other than Sex Demons that live for tricking Humans into having Sex with them, like maybe something like "CONQUEST Demons", a species of Demon that lives for Concurring entire Nations/Kingdoms/Countries, Pilfering Riches, Plundering Resources, Enslaving Inhabitants, and whatever they can not concur or just deem worthless they simply destroy, and Incubus & Succubus are simply the names of the Genders of these Conquest Demons, so having them classified as Conquest Demons instead of Sex Demons may make them a bit more suited for younger audiences & make them more befitting to the role of Villains, Plus if they're made to be Multicolored like the Ponies they may become a little easier on the eyes, OK so maybe they still couldn't use the words Succubus & Incubus, but I'm sure the writers could still come up with something else, and for the record I will just stick to using Succubus & Incubus for this fan-made script just because I can't think of a different name for them at this time.

So for this script I came up with a plot that involves using a group of 4 Conquest Demons, 2 Incubi & 2 Succubi as the Main Villains, these 4 Demons are among the Upper Most Class of Conquest Demons for their Royal Heritage, Power Levels & what they are capable of:

The First of them is a Green Incubus with a Long Dark-Green Dreadlocks Hairstyle who is known as Lord Lucifer, the leader of this band of 4 and a Very High Ranking Official among Incubi, Brave, Powerful, Intelligent, Cunning, Strategic, Resourceful, stays cool under pressure, a Born Leader, Respected by the Majority of all Demons & Feared by Most Non-Demon beings, as Evil & Villainous as they come, perhaps his only drawback is that he tends to underestimate his adversary once he appears to have the upper hand, but then again what villain doesn't do that am I right? think of him as being similar to Marvel Comic's Loki but with more of Dr. Doom's level of evil, but he still cares about his clan.

The Second of them is a Purple Succubus with Short Curly Dark Purple Hair who is known as Lady Lilith, a Very High Ranking Official among Succubi and is the Wife of Lucifer, hey just because they're Evil doesn't mean that they're not still capable of falling in Love, she's fairly much Lucifer's Female Equal, Powerful, Intelligent, Strong, Deceptive, Cruel, Commands great respect, Spreads fear where ever she goes, she managed to steal Lucifer's Cold-Stone Heart just as he stole her's as well(in a romantic kind of way), when the 2 of them were married they managed to combine both of their families to form the most powerful alliance of Conquest Demons in the (Pony)World.

The Third of them is Lucifer's Younger Sister a Blue Succubus with Long Flat Dark Blue Hair who is known as Lamashtu, not as High Ranking as her Older Brother but still Very High Ranking none the less, unlike her brother she is a little more immature & a tad more childish in personality, but she's still pretty Smart & Powerful, and she knows when it's time to be serious & focused, though she can still let her Demon pride get in her way, and can be pretty self-centered from time to time, she does have great respect for her brother & tries to live up to his expectations for her, but despite having an inferiority complex towards her brother she's still very dangerous & feared, and still has a fairly decent Sister-in-Law relationship with Lady Lilith.

And the Fourth of them is Lilith's Younger Brother an Orange Incubus with Short Spiky Dark Orange Hair who is known as Leraje, not as High Ranking as his Older Sister but still Very High Ranking none the less, he & his older sister have always had a bit of a sibling rivalry between them, like a Cool/Popular Girl with a Nerdy/Dorky Little Brother sort of concept, where as Lilith loved to use her Feminine Wiles & Brute Force to resolve most of her problems, Leraje relied more on his wits, and was more in-tuned with Magic than his sister, he was able to sense it better than most other Demons, but would sometimes get lost in a train of thought, causing him to sometimes overthink things & could lose focus, and at times when Lilith was disappointed or otherwise annoyed by Leraje she would tease him by calling him "Larry", which would anger him because he really hates being called that, but despite such short comings he's still an Evil & Valued Tactician & Scientist among Conquest Demons, and he & Lucifer do get along most of the time, though Leraje & Lamashtu have little to no strong feelings towards each other.

Important Notice: Despite any similarities, the Lucifer, Lilith, Lamashtu & Leraje used in this story are not in anyway connected to their Real World Mythological/Religious Counterparts, I simply used those names specifically to make the Conquest Demons in this script sound like they had demonic names, and I tried to make it so that all 4 of them had names that began with the same letter, kind of like the Gimmick where all Griffons in MLP:FiM seem to have names that begin with the letter "G", and here those 4 Demon's names all begin with the letter "L"(and so does the word "LOSER" which would also serve as an insult to the Demons because they will undoubtedly Lose in this story), plus in Issue #24 of the MLP:FiM Main Series Comic Books, where Discord took Fluttershy & the CMC on a time traveling trip, we got to see Ancient Anugypt(the Pony World's variant of Egypt), which featured characters like Anubis & Bast, in Real World Mythology Anubis was the Jackal-Headed God of Funerals & Death, where as Bast was the Cat-Headed Goddess of Cats, Protection, Joy, Dance, Music, Family & Love, but for MLP:FiM they were both modified from their Real World Mythological Counterparts, Anubis was now the King of the Jackals(which were depict as like Ancestral Cousins to the Diamond Dogs), and it was hinted that Anubis was once a Good King, but at some point became a host to the Leader of the Nightmare Forces(the Symbiotic Smoke-like creature that possessed Princess Luna & turned her into Nightmare Moon, and later possessed Rarity thus turning her into Nightmare Rarity) & turned Evil, while Bast was now the Leader of the Tri-Tailed Cats(multi-colored Cats with 3 tips on their tails), who overthrew Anubis's reign, and apparently Bast had a liking to Discord but they accepted each other merely as Allies in Chaos, if they could do something like that with characters that simply share the names & only a few similarities to Real World Mythological Egyptian Deities, then why not use Villains that only share the names & little to no similarities to Real World Mythological Demons, and have nothing to do with Religions of any kind, remember Here they're Not Religious Figures, they're just Truly Evil & Un-reform-able Villains.

Besides Disney took lots of famous stories that were pretty Dark, Grim, Depressing & Mature, and rewrote them to be more kid-friendly-ish when they were made into the beloved movies we all grew-up on, examples of such things would be like in the Original *Snow White & the 7 Dwarves* the Evil Queen was punished for her crimes by being forced to wear Red Hot Iron Shoes and Dance around in them until she finally Died, or in the Original *Cinderella*, the wicked Step-sisters actually cut off parts of their feet so that they could fit in the Glass Slippers, which didn't workout because all of the blood in the slippers being a dead giveaway, or in the Original *Pinocchio* when Jiminy first meets Pinocchio, the Puppet smashes the Cricket with a mallet, and is then haunted by the Ghost of the Cricket throughout the rest of the story, not to mention how much Disney changed Marvel Comic's *The Big Hero 6* from their Original Comic Book Counterparts when they re-imagined them for the Movie by the same name, so having Hasbro & DHX take Succubi & Incubi, converting them into Conquest Demons, and naming them after Real World Mythological Demons, and making them Villains for the Ponies & their Human Counterparts to face-off against, wouldn't be such a Bad thing if done right once you think about it.

Anyways the script would have it where these 4 Demons were in possession of an object known simply as the "Wizard Stone"(I was trying to come up with some fancy, yet "not too complicated to say" name that would indicate that this stone is an item of powerful magic, unfortunately the "Sorcerer's Stone" was already taken by the Harry Potter film based on the book about the Philosopher's Stone, so I decided to just go with WIZARD STONE), the Wizard Stone was inspired by the G1 MLP object known as the "Flash Stone"(And don't any of you wise guys reading this make any cracks involving Flash Sentry over this! Seriously that guy gets enough grief from the Fandom as it is) from the 4-part episode entitled "Ghost of Paradise Estate", the G1 MLP's Flash Stone was a Powerful Magical Amulet that did as the one wielding it willed, basically the Stone made whatever the user wanted happen, and in this script the Wizard Stone is very similar, a Magical Artifact possessing vast & unimaginable Magic Powers, with no known limitations to what it could do, however the wielder would have to already be a powerful being in order to sustain the immense power of this stone, and the wielder would need to know how to properly use the stone's power or absolutely anything could go horribly wrong, there for not just Anyone could wield this stone all willy-nilly.

So really long ago, back during the time of Starswirl the Bearded these 4 Conquest Demons came into possession of the Wizard Stone, and Lucifer wield the Stone leading the Demons in an attempt to use the Stone's Power to Concur the Entire (Pony)World, starting with Equestria of all places, everything was going the Demons' way until a tactical strike took the Demons off guard, and the Ponies managed to take the Wizard Stone away from the Demons, while the Ponies distracted the Demons, the Stone was brought to Starswirl the Bearded, who in a desperate attempt to get rid of the Demons, decided to take one of his Magic Mirror Portals, one that lead to a "World without Magic"(namely the Human World, home to the Equestria Girls), but knowing that the Demons would only cause trouble for That World as well, Starswirl decided to make some adjustments to his Mirror Portal, using the Demons own Wizard Stone as the main component, he used the Stone to upgrade the Mirror so that it would possess new & powerful spells programmed into it, spells that would cause it so that anything that was sent into the Human World, would go through a special transformation that would cause them to take on new forms that would allow them to better blend in with the Human World, complete with a new change of clothes and everything, but would end up returning to their normal forms whenever they came back to Equestria, so it also included a special timing program that made it to where the Portal would only open for 2 & a Half Days once every 30 Moons(which apparently would roughly be about 2 & a Third Years, since EQG2 took place about 5 & a Half Months after the events of EQG1, which was considered about 6 Moons by the Staff), Starswirl believed that if he could get the Demons to become Magicless creatures while in the Magicless World then they wouldn't be a problem anyone.

However Starswirl became aware that the Demons were coming to retrieve their Stone, so Starswirl had to work hastily to accomplish his goal before the Demons could reach him, plus even though he had a fairly good understanding of how the Wizard Stone works, he still didn't have as proper an understanding of the Stone as the Demons(especially Lucifer) did, he managed to send the Demons through the Mirror Portal successfully and all, however because he had to work so fast & didn't have a FULL understanding of how to properly use the Wizard Stone, when he programmed the new spells into the Mirror through the Wizard Stone, there were a few glitches in the programming, most noticeably would be a Glitch with the Aging Process, the Glitch would cause it so that anyone who past through the Mirror Portal & took on a new form would also STOP AGING, leaving them stuck looking exactly the same as they were when they first entered the Mirror Portal while they were in those new forms, and only upon returning through the Mirror Portal & returning to their true forms would they resume aging, no it's not true immortality or eternal youth, it's merely like Hitting the Pause Button on their Aging Process, while in their New Forms they can't age, and only by returning to their True Forms can they start aging again, there for even if the Demons were forced to take on Mortal Human Forms, the Glitch would make it so that they couldn't Age, so their Mortal Forms couldn't die of Old Age, but were still vulnerable to being Killed none the less, this Glitch(unbeknownst to Starswirl the Bearded) allowed the Demons to live on for Centuries, enabling them to become the Villains in this script's story in the Modern Times, this Glitch would also be the reason why Sunset still looks like a Teenager even though by the time the events in EQG1 rolled around, she had already spent at least 7 Years in the Human Would at the time, and would also explain how the Sirens could have been sent into the Future of the Human World when they were sucked into the Mirror Portal back centuries ago.

And back in EQG1 when Sunset put Twilight's Magic Crown on her head, she unintentionally formed a Magical Paradox that gave her a link to the Wizard Stone through the Crown, this would have allowed her to harness Pony Magic from Equestria & rewrite it so that it could be used in the Human World, but because she was not properly using the power of the Wizard Stone correctly, it caused her to harness Not Pony Magic, but traces of Demon Magic that had rubbed off on the Wizard Stone back when the Conquest Demons used the Stone's Power, which was only amplified via the Magic Crown & her own negative emotions, which ended up transforming Sunset, not into a Pony-fied Human or something like that, but instead into a Red Succubus with a Red & Yellow Striped Flaming Hairstyle Conquest Demon version of herself, and also caused her to develop personality traits of an actual Conquest Demon, namely her desire for Concurring Equestria & becoming willing to destroy anything(or anyone) that got in her way, which would make sense since before she wasn't willing to cause any Actual Harm to others, and with the Crown still on her head she still had a link to the Wizard Stone, which gave her enough power to place enough Demon Magic within Snips & Snails to transform them into at least Half-Human/Half-Incubus versions of themselves, however because Twilight was the rightful wielder of the Element of Magic, she was able to harness the Crown's Power, now being amplified by the power of the Wizard Stone, thus granting her access to the Tree of Harmony's power in Equestria, and enabling Twilight to bestow herself & the Human Mane 5 with enough Pony Magic, now rewritten to be compatible with Human Beings & Twilight's new Human Form, to transform them into Zoomorphic Humans with the powers of their Pony Counterparts, and when the Human Mane 6 used the Rainbow of Light on the Succubus Sunset, it broke the Crown's link to the Wizard Stone & cleansed her of the Demon Magic that infected her thus returning her to her Human Form, but that whole experience made her believe that that Monster came from inside her & she wanted to change despite it not really being Completely her fault, but hey it was revealed via the Comic Books that Nightmare Moon was the result of an Evil Symbiotic Creature bonding with Luna to turn her into a Monster, so what the hey right?

And in EQG3 when Sci-Twi's Pendent began absorbing Pony Magic(that was rewritten to be compatible with beings in the Human World) from the Human Mane 6, during the time Sunset touched the Portal while Sci-Twi was draining it's Magic, the Pendent not only absorbed the Portal's Magic, but while Sunset was touching the Portal, the Pendent also drained leftover traces of Demon Magic that still laid dormant within Sunset, and because the Mirror Portal was still connected to the Wizard Stone, the Demon Magic inside the Pendent was tainting the Pony Magic via the Portal's Magic, but now the Portal's Magic was not properly being contained or controlled, so it no longer contained the additional spells that Starswirl programmed into the Mirror through the Wizard Stone, which was why things from Equestria were able to come to the Human World through those tears in Space, and not transform into something that blended in with the Human World or vice-versa, and when Sci-Twi unleashed all of that Pony Magic from the Human Mane 5, Sunset's Dormant Demon Magic & the Portal's Magic she sucked up throughout the film, it caused her to be filled with Pony Magic that was tainted by the Demon Magic, not enough Demon Magic to become a Full Succubus like Sunset did back in EQG1, but still enough to make her a Dark Alicorn-like Zoomorphic Human version of herself named Midnight Sparkle, and warp her mind with the personality traits of a Conquest Demon, namely the fact that she was willing to Destroy what she deemed Worthless, which in her case was her own Home World where she believed that no one cared about her & had nothing more for her to learn about, but because she was not a Full Demon she still retained some of her Humanity, as shown when Sci-Twi responded to Dog Spike & got through her Midnight Sparkle personality long enough for her to be defeated, and after Sci-Twi took Sunset Shimmer's(or should it be Daydream Shimmer depending on her Form) Hand, Sunset managed to purge Sci-Twi of all traces of Demon Magic that was infecting her, thus returning Sci-Twi back to normal(why do I have a serious case of Deja vu here?).

And if Sunset was Celestia's prized student before Twilight, then that may have meant that Sunset also had what it would take to become worthy of wielding the Element of Magic, but because Sunset decided to follow a Dark Path she lost what made her worthy of wielding the Element's actual power, which would also explain why the Element didn't cooperate with Sunset & instead of helping Sunset to get what she wanted, ignored her & left her at the mercy of the Wizard Stone's Power via the Magical Paradox in EQG1, but after Sunset decided to change her ways & was bestowed Pony Magic via the Human Mane 6 in the events of EQG2, she regained what made her worthy of wielding the Element of Magic in the first place, so now she like Twilight is also able to wield the Element of Magic, it's kind of similar to how Marvel Comic's Thor & Beta Ray Bill are both worthy of wielding the Asguardian Magic Hammer Mjolnir, in other words Twilight is basically the "Thor" of the Element of Magic & Sunset is Pretty Much the "Beta Ray Bill" of the Element of Magic, as evidenced by the fact that Sunset was able to use Sci-Twi's Pendent to absorb Pony Magic from the Human Mane 5 & place it within herself to become Daybreak Shimmer, the reason Sunset's transformation was different from Sci-Twi's was because Sci-Twi was filled with Pony Magic that was tainted by Demon Magic, while Sunset was filled with Pure Pony Magic & she was no longer infected with her Dormant Demon Magic, and Sci-Twi accepting Sunset's friendship eliminated all traces of Demon Magic from the events of EQG1, so now(not including Other Worldly Counterparts) we have 2 characters worthy of wielding the Element of Magic.

But this was not the last our heroes would see of any Demons what so ever, because else where within the Human World were the 4 Conquest Demons Lucifer, Lilith, Lamashtu & Leraje, all trapped in Human Forms due to the "Transformation Between Travels Spell" Starswirl the Bearded programmed into the Mirror Portal, but where have they been this whole time you may ask, well back during the events of EQG1, the Demons were on the opposite side of the Human World's Earth trekking through mountain ranges trying to figure out where they'll go next & what they'll do once they get there, all of them completely unaware of what became of their precious Wizard Stone & the Mirror Portal, until Sunset placed Twilight's Magic Crown on her head, at that point because Sunset wasn't properly wielding the Wizard Stone's Power correctly, the Demons suddenly felt something, and then they all blanked-out & fell unconscious, while they were knocked-out they could see vague images of Starswirl placing the Wizard Stone in his Mirror Portal, and the Stone's Magic being linked to a Magic Crown, and some unclear images of a statue of some kind, and an Equestrian Unicorn in Human Form wearing the Crown & transforming into a being similar to their True Form, and 6 Girls(one an Alicorn in Human Form) feeding off Magic from the Crown & defeating the Succubus-Girl-Pony creature, then the Demons regained consciousness, the Demons could feel as if something that laid dormant within them was somehow trying to awaken, they could feel that Equestrian Magic has somehow been unleashed into this Magic-less World, where exactly they didn't know, but now they know what happened to the Wizard Stone, and knew that they had to find it no matter where in this World it was or how long it would take for them to find it, and they began a quest to search for the Portal to Equestria, as time moved on & more events from the EQG Movies kept happening, the Demons could feel more usage of Equestrian Magic in this World, which only kept leading them on the path to the source, namely the Portal leading back to Equestria, and in the story for this script we'll see what happens when the Demons finally find the place where all of the Equestrian Magic has been leaking into.

Anyways I hope those theories & speculations I came up with based on my research helps any readers out there understand a lot of stuff used for this script, and will help to avoid any long winded questions & confusion that you may have while reading this, and if you think that this scipt has a bunch of dumb plot-holes & crap, just remember how crappy & plot-hole filled the 1st EQG Movie was, and how it was still successful enough to keep the EQG side of the franchise going years later, now then lets move on to the actual story within this script, enjoy:

Our story begins with a Black Screen with Big White Letters that read "A Long Time Ago", then the picture fades in to Equestria hundreds of years ago, we then see Canterlot is under siege by some unknown evil, buildings are broken & fires are burning everywhere, we then go into a bunker where Starswirl the Bearded is working frantically on something that looks like the Mirror Portal without it's outer bodywork, and Starswirl seems to be worried that he may not have much time for something important, just then the wall behind Starswirl is blown apart, and 4 strange winged-humaniod figures(2 Males & 2 Females) slowly fly into the room getting closer to Starswirl, from the 4 figures point of view we see Starswirl looking up at them, we see their shadows covering Starswirl & his small workshop, the shadows have glowing eyes in them as if they were alive, the deeper voiced male leader of these figures says "Starswirl the Bearded, you have something that belongs to us, hand it over now and your demise will be swift & painless", Starswirl with his horn brightly lit as if he's getting ready to defend himself against this powerful beings says "You Conquest Demons must think very High & Mighty of yourselves" the deeper voiced female says "We are among the most elite of our kind, of course we're a Big Deal", Starswirl replies "You'd have to be, thinking you can just waltz on in and take all of Equestria for yourselves to do whatever you wish with it", then the higher voiced female says "Well Yeah, this is what we do, we're not called *Conquest Demons* for nothing", then the higher voiced male says "And we are on the verge of concurring the entire world", then the deeper voiced male leader says "Now quit stalling & give back what you stole from us Immediately!", then Starswirl says "You will never see that Rock or this World ever again", and it turns out that Starswirl really was stalling for time, enough time to get the Mirror Portal fully functional, he then swipes it from 1 side to the other, scooping up all 4 of the so called Conquest Demons into the Portal, thus sending them all to another world, after getting rid of the Demons, Starswirl looks at the Mirror & sees that the portal has just closed, Starswirl is relieved and says "Wwooo, just barely made it in time", then Celestia comes in & finds Starswirl, she then asks him "Are you alright", Starswirl says "I'm Fine", Celestia then asks "What happened to the Demons", Starswirl then replies "No need to worry about them, I successfully used their own relic to modify one of my Dimensional Portal Mirrors, and sent them all to a whole other world", Celestia then asks "But won't the Demons just be able to return to our world again, or reek unspeakable havoc upon that world as well?" then Starswirl replies "Not to worry, due to the modifications I made to this specific Mirror, it will now only open during the right constellation that only occurs once every 30 Moons, so it's highly doubtful that they would be able to return to our world anytime soon, plus this very Mirror leads to a World Without Magic, and I made it so that anything from our world that passes through this portal would be forced to take on a new form that allows them to blend in with the inhabitants of that world, so they'll be stuck as Magicless Beings that can't cause too much trouble without the use of their Demon Magic, but I admit I did have to work fast on modifying this Mirror, so I do so hope that I was able to get the Magic programmed correctly without any mistakes", then the picture fades to black and we see in big white letters that read "Not Too Long Ago".

We then travel to the Human World where we see 4 Humans(a Green Male, a Purple Female, a Blue Female & an Orange Male) hiking on some grassy hills, then they reach the very town where Canterlot High is located, and these 4 Humans have the exact same voices as the 4 Demons from the previous scene, the deeper voiced green male asks "Are you sure This is the place?", then the higher voiced orange male replies "Yes, I can feel it, this is where the Majority of the Magic from Equestria has been entering this world", then the deeper voiced purple female says "Then this must be where the portal is located, and hopefully soon we can finally return home", then the higher voiced orange male says "But the Magic has spread too far around the town to determine the Portal's exact location", then the higher voiced blue female says "Well that's just great, now what are we going to do?", then the deeper voiced green male says "We will meld into this society, create false identities for ourselves to use, and continuously search this place until we find the Portal, then nothing will be able to stop us from completing what we started so very long ago", then we move on to the opening credits, showing us a super deformed silhouette sequence of what happened to the 4 Demons when they first entered the Human World, and all of the events they've been through throughout history, and we also get a brief recap of things that have happened from the 1st Equestria Girls Movie to the Current one, and a somewhat hint of what is to come in this film later on, after the opening titles we then see a black screen with big white letters that read "Today"(showing us that we've reach the present day & time this film takes place), then the screen fades into Canterlot High in the Human World.

As another day at Canterlot High begins we find Sunset Shimmer walking up to the school, and for some reason she seems to be a little depressed, she even plucks a fully bloomed dandelion from the school lawn, looks at it for a short time, then tries eating it, but ends up spitting it out because while flowers may taste good to Ponies, they aren't all that good to Human Taste-Buds, turns out that Sunset's feeling home sick, she misses the days when she was a Pony living in Equestria & wishes she could just go back to living there, but she's already made so much for herself while in Human World & doesn't want to simply leave all of her friends just like That, despite all of the good she's done for the Human World, she still has regrets about all of the bad things she did while still in the Pony World, but she still feels like she has some sort of reason to remain in Human World, something she can't quite explain, just a feeling she has about this World, like she was meant to come to this World to do something very important, but wishes she knew what it could possibly be, but no matter how much she would want to go back to her Real Home, she feels she needs to stay for reasons she has yet to understand, so she's stuck in quite a quandary, but still she goes on to live the Human life she's made for herself.

We then see the Mane 6 uniting with Sunset who is acting like nothing is wrong so she doesn't worry the others, later we see the students attending an assembly in the gym, Principal Celestia has called this assembly to introduce the students to 4 new members of the faculty staff, who unbeknownst to anyone are actually the 4 Demons posing as new teachers, the deeper voiced green male introduces himself as "Louis Cifferobe(pronounced with an S sound not a K sound)" the new History Teacher, the deeper voiced purple female introduces herself as "Lillian Ithal" the new Math Teacher, the higher voiced blue female introduces herself as "Lamina Stuart" the new Social Studies Teacher, and the higher voiced orange male introduces himself as "Lerman Ajeo" the new Science Teacher, and Sunset is getting a strange vibe from these new teachers, like something's not right but she can't quite put her FINGER on it.

Now I really haven't devised much to the middle part, so it's mostly just going to involve the fact that the Demons have found out that the Magic from Equestria has mostly been originating from somewhere at Canterlot High, and that they have successfully managed to infiltrate the High School which out anyone suspecting a thing, so it's mostly going to be where the Demons are searching around the school to find anything about the Magic & the Portal, and they will act all nonchalant about their search, but there will be a few moments that show that they're not Human, like sometimes the white in their eyes(or Sclera) will turn black, but only for a split second before turning white again, as though their Human Eyes became Demon Eyes for less than a second, and if anyone noticed then the Demons would just act like nothing happened, and any witnesses would have just thought that it was their own eyes playing tricks on them, and the Demons will open their mouths & have their teeth grow into fangs, but only for a split second before shrinking back into Human shaped teeth, or open their mouth & their tongues would come out all long & forked, but only for a split second before shrinking back to a Human sized tongue, and when the Demons stand in front of a mirror or any other reflective surfaces, their reflections would warp to reflect their True Demon forms, but only for a split second before warping back to reflecting their Human forms, and their Shadows will warp into a Demon Shape with Glowing Eyes & move on their own, but only for a split second before warping back into a Human Shape, but everytime it happens anyone who witnesses it will believe that it was just their own imagination, the Demons will of course deny anything weird happened to help convince any witnesses, but to the viewers it will seem as though the Demons have something within them that's trying to get through their Human Shells, like their True Demon forms are trying to come forth but can't for some reason, though this doesn't happen to each Demon all day long, it only happens sometimes & doesn't last for very long.

But there will be some other scenes of greater importance that will involve Sunset Shimmer, like maybe Sunset is walking along minding her own business, when she passes by one of the Demons, and when the Demon gets within smelling range of Sunset, the Demon will tell Sunset that she's wearing quite a Unique fragrance, Sunset then replies that she's not wearing any perfume, then the Demon apologizes & tells Sunset "No Offense but, You kind of Smell like a Horse"(because the Demons are somehow able to smell the Pony within Sunset), Sunset is then weird-ed out by what the Demon said, then the Demon tells Sunset to have a nice day & walks away, Sunset then starts smelling herself to see if she does smell that way, she even runs into Applejack and asks if she thinks that Sunset smells like a Horse, Applejack tells Sunset that she can't smell such a scent on Sunset & asks why, Sunset replies "Oh, No Reason" then Sunset walks away feeling all awkward, the Demons soon get the feeling that Sunset is not like the others at Canterlot High and develop an interest in her, believing that she deserves some deeper investigating.

The Demons begin asking others about Sunset & learn that she's the School's "Foreign Exchange Student from Another World", this fascinates the Demons so much that soon they start searching through the School's history & learn a few things about recent events, but what really catches their attention is a picture of Sunset in her Demon Form from the 1st EQG Movie, then Lamina Stuart(a.k.a. Lamashtu) goes around asking about the creature in this picture, and everyone claims that it's Sunset Shimmer, so Lamina finds Sunset & asks her about how she could have been the demonic creature in the picture, Sunset starts briefly explaining(in a remorseful manner) to Lamina about how she was back in the 1st Movie, and how she stole Princess Twilight's Crown, put the Crown on her head & transformed into a "Raging She-Demon" and turned everyone in the school into..., but after Lamina heard Sunset say the words "She-Demon", she made a sort of agitated facial expression because she's letting her Conquest Demon Pride get in the way of her investigation, then she crossed her arms and interrupted Sunset by saying the word "Succubus", Sunset then makes a Wierd-ed-Out Face, slowly turns her head to Lamina & asks "Excuse Me?", Lamina then says "Succubus, that (quotation fingers)She-Demon(quotation fingers) as you put it, it's proper name is a Succubus, where as it's Male Counterpart is called an Incubus, both of which are of the Genders of the Conquest Demons", Sunset then looks at Lamina with a really confused facial expression, fearing that she may be blowing her cover Lamina then says "Ehm, Or at least it bears a strong resemblance to the Mythological Demon known as the Succubus, I've always been interested by Mythology & all of it's creatures, you know, Unicorns, Dragons, Pegusi, Griffons, Alicorns, Minotaurs, I find them all so fascinating, oh geez is it that time already, I've got to get going, but it was nice talking to you, see you later" then she rushes off, Sunset then looks at the picture of her Demon Form for a few seconds and then she says "So wait, that thing I became is called a Succubus?", then she walks away with a lot on her mind, we then go to see Lamina looking from behind a corner to see if Sunset has left yet, she then gives a sigh of relief, then her big brother Louis Cifferrobe(a.k.a. Lucifer) says to her that he saw that, Lamina then turns to shockingly notice her brother, Louis then tells his little sister to not allow her Pride to get in the way of their mission, and that they must learn as much as they can without drawing too much attention or suspicion to themselves, Lamina apologizes to her brother & tells him that she swears she'll be more careful next time, Louis then says "I'm glad we have an understanding", then both of them go in separate directions.

Later that evening we find Sunset writing in her book to Princess Twilight in Equestria, Sunset tells Twilight about recent events like the new teachers, how Human Flash, Sci-Twi & the other Girls are doing & stuff, and also how she's been feeling lately about missing the Pony World but feeling that she needs to stay in Human World for reasons she doesn't know yet, and asks Twilight what she thinks Sunset should do, Twilight tells Sunset that she really can't tell her what she should do & that it's just something Sunset will have to figure out for herself, because only Sunset can decide what she thinks is best, then Sunset asks Twilight if she's ever heard of a creature called a "Succubus", or an "Incubus", Twilight tells Sunset "No" and wonders why Sunset would ask, Sunset then tells Twilight about how 1 of the new teachers told her that the thing she became back in the first EQG Movie resembles a Succubus, and that Incubi & Succubi are what they call the Genders of Conquest Demons, and it made Sunset think that they might have something to do with Equestria, Twilight tells Sunset that she's never heard of such a thing, but she'll try looking into that for her, Sunset thanks Twilight then tries getting some sleep for another day at Canterlot High tomorrow.

And Tomorrow rolls in with another day at Canterlot High, really haven't thought of much to put here other than a bunch more filler with the Human Mane 6 & company doing their thing, and the Demons trying to learn more about this school, and more of all of those earlier tattle-tale signs of them not being Human that everyone thinks is just their imagination, but still the Demons are getting closer to finding out what they want to know, they are even aware that the Human Mane 6 are Humans that were exposed to Equestrian Magic & can Ponify every now & again, and that Sunset is actually a Unicorn in Human Form, but ultimately it ends up being Pinkie Pie who blabs about the Portal being in the Wondercolt Statue & that Princess Twilight can make the Portal open whenever she needs to, but it's not always going to be open at any random time it's not in use, and Pinkie unknowingly & unintentionally gives the Demons the exact information that they've been looking for, way to go Pinks.

During the middle of Lunch Break Sunset receives a message from Princess Twilight on her magic book, Sunset then heads outside to take Twilight's message in private, Twilight informs Sunset that she's discovered something about what Sunset spoke of last night, it turns out that Conquest Demons really are a thing in the Pony World, and Twilight tells Sunset about the 4 Demons Lord Lucifer, Lady Lilith, Lamashtu & Leraje, and how they tried to use the power of the Wizard's Stone to concur the world starting with Equestria, but were defeat by Starswirl using his Mirror Portal, and all that other stuff about them that I explained earlier about the Demons.

After hearing that story Sunset begins pondering something, she then writes in the book "Louis Cifferobe - Lucifer, Lillian Ithal - Lilith, Lamina Stuart - Lamashtu, Lerman Ajeo - Leraje", Sunset then realizes that the names of the 4 new teachers at Canterlot High sound similar to the 4 Conquest Demons from that story, and wonders if those teachers could be the very same Demons, Twilight reminds Sunset that this happened centuries ago & if they were in Human Form then they shouldn't be around today, Sunset then explains to Twilight that Sunset first came to the Human World back when Twilight was still just a filly, and ever since Sunset came to Human World she's noticed that as time moved on, everyone else around her has been growing older while Sunset herself has barely even aged a day for almost a Decade, Sunset reminds Twilight that Starswirl worked Hastily to modify the Mirror Portal, and theorizes that if Starswirl made some mistakes while re-configuring the Mirror, then maybe the Portal could have had a side-effect where it would cause those who came from Equestria to cease aging after they transformed, Twilight replies that That may explain how the Sirens could have lived since the time of Starswirl & had still been around today, Sunset then questions Twilight if she should inform the Human Mane 6 about this, then Twilight tells Sunset "No", and that she shouldn't jump to unnecessary conclusions without a proper investigation(because Twilight's already done that several times, like in the episodes "A Canterlot Wedding Part 1" & "What About Discord?"), Twilight advises Sunset that she should get actual evidence to prove her theory, and that she shouldn't tell anyone else about this to prevent anyone from panicking or suspecting anything, not even the Human Mane 6, Sunset understands but believes that Twilight should keep the Portal closed just to be save, Twilight agrees & tells Sunset to keep her informed about anything else that comes up, Sunset thanks Twilight & closes the book, Sunset doesn't like having to keep all of this a secret, but she still understands, so at the end of school hours the Girls ask Sunset if she wants to do something with them, Sunset tells them that she has something else she has to do & promises to catch up later.

After all of the Students have left, Sunset sneaks back inside the school, avoids being seen by any of the other Teachers/Faculty Staff, trying to find anything she can about the new Teachers(the Demons), the Demons have themselves a secret meeting in one of their classrooms, and Sunset manages to find them & places her ear by the door to eavesdrops in on them, the Demons talk about what they have learned & the fact that they now know that the portal to Equestria is located at the Wondercolt Statue, but they are aware that even if the portal can be opened at anytime someone from the Pony World wants it to, the portal is not always open, but Louis Cifferobe explains that he has thought of that possibility, so he has concocted a special potion within a small vile, this potion will force the portal to open for less than a minute no matter what, but it can only work during the duration of a Total Solar Eclipse, and there just happens to be one tomorrow at Noon-ish, which should be enough time for them to enter the portal & become their Demon-selves again, but then Louis thinks he hears something outside the door, and continues talking to lower Sunset's guard, all the while Louis is moving towards the door & giving hand gestures to tell the others to get ready, then Louis opens the really fast, and one of the other Demons grabs Sunset pulling her into the room, then Louis closes the door really fast, and Sunset is thrown on to the Teacher's Chair, and is tied to it with some restraints, and one of the Demons places it's hand over Sunset's mouth to keep her quiet, Louis is delighted to meet up with Sunset(or as he puts it, the Pony pretending to be a Human), and Sunset states that she knows that the 4 of them are the Conquest Demons that attacked Equestria long ago, and the Demons claim that they have Sunset to thank for a second chance to finish what they started so long ago, Sunset is confused to how she has anything to do with that, so the Demons all explain it to her.

A while back the Demons were roaming around some mountain ranges on the opposite side of the Earth from Canterlot High, when suddenly they all blacked-out & fell unconscious for a few moments, during that time they we're all able to see vague, blurry images in their heads, they saw things like Starswirl the Bearded placing the Wizard Stone in his Mirror, a Unicorn passing through the Mirror and changing into a Human Girl, that very Pony in Human Form turning into a Succubus, only to be defeated by an Alicorn in Human Form who teamed up with 5 actual Human Girls, they couldn't really make out the exact faces of the Girls, or the exact location it all happened because the images in their heads were too fuzzy, but after a few minutes they managed to regain consciousness, and then they felt as if something laying dormant within them was trying to awaken(which is why they kept giving off those tattle-tales sign that they are not Human), and then the Demons became aware of what was really going on, they could feel that Magic from Equestria had been brought into this world, and knew that their Wizard Stone was hidden in the very Mirror Portal that brought them here in the first place, and was the very reason why they were stuck in Human Form this whole time, but thankfully since Starswirl didn't fully understand how to properly use the Wizard Stone, he accidentally made it so that the Demons couldn't age while they were trapped in this World, so the Demons have managed to live & endure long enough to witness & experience centuries worth of events in this world, but also gave them a chance to eventually find there way back to the Portal.

The Demons also explain to Sunset about when she put on the Magic Crown & caused a Magical Paradox that caused her to form a link with the Wizard Stone, but because she was not using it's power properly she ended up getting filled with the Demons' Magic instead of Pony Magic, which caused her to take on their True Form & adapted to their personalities, thus making Sunset just like the Conquest Demons, but also because she wasn't using the Wizard Stone's power properly, she allowed the Alicorn in Human Form & the 5 Human Girls to bring Pony Magic from Equestria through the Crown and into this World, which lead to her downfall, it was this very Magical Paradox that allowed the Demons to get back in touch with their inner-demons despite still being in the forms of Magic-less Humans, and they became aware that Pony Magic has kept coming to this World ever since, what with what became of those Sirens and all, and when that Human version of the Alicorn built that Magic Absorbing Pendent, she managed to drain Sunset of a tiny trace of Demon Magic that still laid Dormant within Sunset, and Sci-Twi ended up absorbing that Demon Magic to become at least Part-Demon but still adapted to some of their personality traits, but ultimately because of Sunset's actions at that time, every last trace of their Demon Magic was cleansed from Sci-Twi, however all of these Magical Events kept leading the Demons closer & closer to the source of it all, and now thanks to Sunset actions from EQG1, the Demons are finally on the verge of returning Home, Sunset's mind is totally blown & she fells a slight relief by these facts, she states that all of this time she thought that That Monster she became was something that came from inside her, but it turns out that she was just infected with their very essence, so it wasn't Entirely her own fault that she became a Demon, but the Demons ensure her that it will still be her fault that the Demons will return to Equestria & concur it as well as the rest of the Pony World, then the screen goes black & the Demons do something with Sunset that we don't see happen.

The next day at Canterlot High, the Demons are teaching their classes, and they notice that it's getting close to Noon, so they tell their classes that they have some important errand to run during Lunch, and they dismiss their classes early so that the Demons can carry out their big plan, the Human Mane 6 gather round and ask if anyone's seen Sunset today, they tell each other that they haven't seen her since yesterday, suddenly when they walk past a supply closet they hear a thudding sound coming from inside the closet, they open the door & out falls Sunset all bound & gagged with Duct Tape, the Girls free Sunset and Sunset reveals what she's found out, Sunset tells the Girls that their new Teachers aren't Humans, but a clan of Conquest Demons that tried to concur Equestria long ago, and that they can't allow the Demons to return to Equestria or they'll reclaim the Wizard Stone from the Mirror Portal & take over the entire Pony World, Sunset then takes out her magic book & writes an emergency message to Pony Twilight telling her that the new Teachers really are the Demons and that she must Destroy the Portal so that the Demons can not reclaim the Wizard Stone, Twilight informs Sunset that doing that would trap her in the Human World forever, but Sunset replies saying that she understands the risk, but it's more important that the Demons don't return to Equestria or it would be catastrophic, then Sunset closes the book & informs the Girls that they have to stop the Demons before the end of the Total Solar Eclipse, so the Girls follow Sunset to the Wondercolt Statue.

At the Statue the Demons are all standing around waiting for the right moment to use the vile of potion, then Sunset & the Girls bust out through the front door & Sunset says "Not so fast Lord Lucifer!", the Demons turn around and Lucifer says "You?!", then one of the other Girls activates the Fire Alarm to get the rest of the school to come outside, the Demons are shocked to see what happened, Sunset the tells them "You not returning to Equestria, not while we still stand", Lucifer then laughs evilly and says "You are a fool to think you can stop us Unicorn, the Eclipse is nigh, and soon you're entire Home world will belong to us" and he laughs some more, but little does he realize is that Spike the Dog was sneaking behind him while no one was paying attention, then after Lucifer finishes his previous line, Spike runs up and bites him on the butt, this cause Lucifer to shout "OW!" & leap up in pain throwing the vile out of his hand & Sunset catches it, Sunset then says "Good Work Spike", Lucifer(with Spike still biting his butt) then says to the other Demons "Get the Vile!", then the Girls & the Demons play keep away, Luficer gets Spike off his butt, then Spike just bites Lucifer's hand, Lucifer then throws Spike into the air, and one of the Demons gets ready to catch the vile, only to have Spike fly in front of it & kick it to one of the Girls, and the other Students come out wondering what's going on, then when the Demons have tackled the Girls & managed to get them to bump each other onto the ground, and the Eclipse has began, in a last moment of desperation Sunset throws the vile to the ground & shatters it, the Demons are in shock at this while Sunset gives a smug look & says "Game Over Lucifer", but Lucifer responds "Not quite yet", he then has a second vile of the same potion slide from his sleeve into his hand, and Sunset is shocked by this, Lucifer then throws it at the Statue, which forces the portal open & Lucifer says "You didn't think I'd be foolish enough to make only one vile did you?"(well he didn't get to be a High Ranking Official among Demons for nothing), he then says to the Demons "Hurry while it's still opened", the other Demons then knock the Girls out of their way heading to the portal, then one by one all 4 Demons enter through the portal, Sunset then tries to follow
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