Fanfoal DTA Entry #2 Picture

Here is my try at Princess Achlys. I am choosing to keep the name as the mythology behind it is amazingly appropiate with her parentage. I also love the bio the original creator made, so I am sticking mostly to it.

Name: Princess Achlys
Gender: Female
Species: Alicorn/Draconequus
Parents: Princess Luna and Discord
Personality: Silent and is often mistaken as mute. But when she speaks, she makes sure she's heard. She loves gloomy weather. Whether it be rain, snow, hail, or sleet. She also has a particular love for swimming in foggy lakes. A nightowl since her teenage years, she's often found either hiding from her royal duties or studying. Achlys has a strong dislike for her social status as other ponies treat her as royalty, which she dislikes and just wants to be treated like a normal pony.
Back Story: Born directly into royalty, and hidden from Celestia until an accidental discovery. Archys has dreamt for a large portion of her life, what would the outside world would be like. She escaped the castle walls during the arguement her mother and Celestia were having when Celestia found Achlys. Coming to a school yard where a large amount of fillies and colts were playing. Excited, she asked if she could play with a small group of foals. They cheerfully accepted her as a temporary playmate. Luna, distraught at being unable to find her daughter flew out of the castle and quickly found her. The princess picked up her daughter and placed her on her back before taking off back to the castle. Achlys was scorned for running away and Luna explained to her daughter the dangers of running out of the castle unprotected.
All throughout her teenage years, she continues to sneak out of the castle but doesn't quite find the joy in it as much as her first time, as everypony in the kingdom know's she's Princess Luna's daughter. Once becoming an adult, she lives in a small stone castle in the Crystal Mountains. Every once in a while, she'll fly to nearby towns or cities to visit with the pony folk, but doesn't quite find the magic in it as much as she used to. As time goes by, her times out of her castle are becoming fewer and farther in between.
Achlys never really knew her father as he has yet to find out she actually exists.
Cutiemark and what it means: A Golden Moon With a Grey Raincloud Over It
Continue Reading: Moon