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Here's one with a Narwhal (my only narwhal painting I think). I had just gotten this great book called "The Unicorn" by Nancy Hathaway which had a lot of old stories and ideas about the mythology of the Unicorn (also going into various other cultures such as the Ki'-lin of China). Anyway, I thick some things I read lead me to this narwhal painting where the horn is pointing towards the bright star.

So the horn pointing towards the bright star is like a direction towards what could be called 'enlightenment', state of not being pushed or pulled by aspects of duality (so beyond duality and combing or seeing all aspects of duality as a whole) ... I guess I feel this idea is like the experiences of nirvana, moksha, the goal of the type of Yoga (sanskrit = "union" or "yoke" as in an ox's yoke) of "Union with the Brahman" and in my opinion what the saying attributed to Jesus means "I and the Father are One" (with "Father" being the word and concept used in a patriarchal society but I feel is actually biased towards one aspect of duality so in modern times I feel a phrase like "The Absolute Reality" would be what I would use there)

I know that is a heresy to many Christians (and would have gotten me a visit from the Inquisition in centuries past)... but I feel this is what all these religions are pointing at underneath their often culturally distorted dogmas and details and not to a literal "The only son of "God" ... but if you can somehow get past the diversionary pulls of dualistic sides of various things, you can experience being One with Everything - and not just attachement to every 'thing' ..... I haven't quite gotten there in experience but I research this subject and through the effects of breathing and concentration from painting, I feel a centred state afterwards.

For me, painting is my method of meditation and yoga (there are many types of yoga ... it's not just exercise on western TV which sort of alters the word meaning).

The crow or raven can symbolize the initial stage of alchemical process - negredo (which is not really about physically changing base metals into gold for some sort of material profit but a symbolic system with the inner goal of transmutation of your dualistic attachment to experience Oneness)
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