90 - Triangle Picture

Alternate Title - Original 3

They're kinda in the shape of a triangle yah? Yah. ;D

Anyway, I spent forever on this. Completed over a period of three or four days in sittings of two or three hours each, possibly more but I don't really pay attention. Time that I probably should have used for schoolwork, but I don't really care about that at this moment. Experimenting with a different way of coloring, the smudge too was abused thoroughly.

In Ra's Tear I'm using (one of) the (many, many, many, many, many) creation myth (s) where when everything began the first gods to emerge from Nun were Ra, Thoth, and Ma'at. A fitting three to start with: Sun and power; Moon and knowledge; Truth and Justice. (< Super simplified) Although the new gods of the age refer to any god who lived back on Earth as an "Ancient", these three are the true holders of that title along with the war goddess Nieth who appeared shortly after them. They trust each other completely, but will not hesitate to criticize if one of them is doing something wrong (kinda like best friends ya know?).

Oh, and another thing. Ra will not appear like that in Ra's Tear, he will have reverted back to his falcon's head. What's on here is a character design for a possible prequel arc one of my friends will write for me, back when tragedy hadn't forced Ra to hide his emotions behind the falcon's features. It's a fun arc from what we've thought up. Really screws with timelines and pantheons (most specifically the time of Ragnarok in Norse mythology) and connects many European religions in a lovely family tree (Okay... many may be the wrong word... but it does connect the Norse pantheon with both the Greek pantheon and Christianity). Oh dear lord it was fun to make up. Tons of confusion, trickery, war, "death" and stuff, all packed into a short arc dating only a thousand or two years before the start of Ra's Tear. I only hope it'll become a reality. <3

And for those of you who couldn't figure it out (nothing to be ashamed of with my screwed up character designs Ra
Thoth Ma'at

Thing I like most: Thoth... all of Thoth, I just love how he turned out. ^-^ And I'm officially in love with his Blue-Purple (Indigo?) hair.
Thing I hate most: Well... I'm in a love/hate relationship with Ra's hair at the moment... The color turned out to be really good since the shine looks like a fiery glow, but I feel I didn't do the strands well enough. It's hard coloring someone who's upside-down.

Oh, and yeah, I cheated on the grass. I used a photoshop pattern. XP
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