Rise of the Guardians OC: Mother Nature aka Ellie Picture

So the title says all really. She's been around for a long, long, LONG time. Ellie was the first ever guardian to be appointed by the Man in the Moon. Those are her little pixie like helpers that help keep the seasons in balance. Pink is Spring, yellow is Summer, orange is Fall, and blue is Winter. She doesn't look like any of the art that people have made to show her in mythology and what not. She has the powers to control the elements (all elements imaginable), control and understand animals, and the color spectrum. Her powers generate from her staff and necklace though she can even use them without those items. She can fly around even without wings thanks to winds she controls, much like Jack Frost. She has a friendly competition with Jack to see who can bring winter to an area faster than the other. Ellie also has some pretty strong feelings for Jack and at times they're a lot noticeable than others. Ellie has been around for so long that she has learned how to play all sorts of instruments, speak multiple languages, and artistic skills. Though many people use her name in expressions, no one can see her because no one truly believes she exists. She is the Guardian of Nature and Joy.

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Base By: ~Rabbot-Bases
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