Patrice Hopkins Picture

This is the literary protagonist for my series The Dark South. Patrice was born from a Lutheran missionary and a Choctaw girl of good family. He lived in New Orleans in an alternate timeline where most machines are powered by steam. His father Henry met General Beauregard but was later tried for war crimes. Patrice showed considerable resentment towards the Jim Crow laws being part Choctaw. As a result, he defied authority frequently. However, he managed to be part a secret society called the Knights of the Full Moon who maintain order and chaos in New Orleans. Patrice lost his left hand to a creature of Choctaw mythology called a Nalusa Falaya, a shadowy creature resembling a monkey. He now sports a robotic hand to substitute his lost one. The creature named Edmund Devereaux as a human alias, had a diabolical plot to manipulate events to destroy New Orleans including a strong storm capable of tearing the city to rubble. It’s up to Patrice to stop this evil creature.
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