Swords (3) Picture

(1) Blood rune sword. This sword is made from ancient rune tiles and the blood of many slain warriors. So its powers are a mystery.

(2) watchful eyes. This blade is very old and not much is known about it. Except one myth that it’s true power wouldn’t be known in tell all 14 eyes are shut. How to shut them know one knows but this blade is just a myth of course.

(3) blinding rage. These hand blade are powerful but at a cost. The wielder will become and stay in a state of blinding rage. Loosing control of all their actions.

(4) solar blade. This blade is powered by solar rays from the sun. once powered it can shoot out big solar blasts. Although not a great sword to have if it’s cloudy.

(5) lighting cleaver. A giant cleaver like blade with lighting around it need I say more?

(6) giant spiked cleaver. A giant cleaver like blade with spikes. Once again need I say more?

(7) gorgon’s revenge. This blade was modeled after the 3 gorgon sisters of Greek mythology. It turns anyone it hits to stone nifty.

(8) tinny. This blade allows the wielder to shrink and grow. So you could be as big as a giant or as small as a flea nice.

(9) spiked death. Blades with 3 spikes on them a very painful death to be had

(10) smashing death. This blade is so heave and huge they say it feels like a train has hit you. No one knows for sure though cause anyone hit by it would most likely be dead.

(11) the matsaluna or sword of the moon. This blade was forged by the holiest men and placed on the moon for about 10,000 years over the years it has become very powerful. It is embedded with the power of the moon from the goddess of the moon Seleena.

(12) heart of the sea. This sword is the very embodiment of the sea. It was created by Poseidon himself. Only he knows if it’s power. Although to him it is more of symbol of the sea the very heart of the sea if you will.

(13) hell’s flame. This sword is or was made in the pit’s of hell. It’s flames from this sword are so hot it can turn anyone to ash just by looking at it.

(14) mystic fairy blades. These blades grant the wielder very high speed. It also turns anyone it hits to fairy dust nice.

(15) shimmering lotus blade. This blade is one of pure grace and beauty. Behind the grace and beauty is a very sharp and painful death.

(16) giant slayers. Though theses blades may not look it they have slain many giants yes giants.

(17) shimmering death. Swords with mysteries magic in them. No one knows what kind of magic but they do know its deadly.

(18) dark slayer. This blade can slay anyone with a wicked heart how about that.

(19) the mangler. This blade mangles anyone it hits I mean look at it not a quick or clean death.

(20) sword of destiny. This sword can only be wielded by someone with great honor, courage and wisdom. Finding someone with all 3 in these days is not an easy thing to do.

(21) screaming death. This sword makes a sound when swung that would make anyone’s ear drums explode. Plus it is very sharp so 2 kinds of death not bad.

(22) angel’s love. These are very old and rare angel swords. They have many powers but the greatest is the seal of divine light. These are very powerful holy swords.
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