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Well, wasn't this one just a bitch?? Fun, but still a fucking bitch. I keep thinking I'm a better artist than I am and plan out these huge fucking detailed panels and then when it comes time to actually get them done, I can't even do it. Fuck it. "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss and land among the stars" ...or a black hole in my case.

I also have a tendency to misspell Loki's dad's name... so please tell me if I fucked it up again. I know how to spell it, it just comes out "Frbautasdfjhsdjf" when I type because I type faster than I think sometimes-just like how I talk-and things get jumbled.

PS- I like the colors red and black... a lot. Too much. My first comic was done completely black and white.... and red because there was a lot of blood in it. I like blood. Don't worry, this will have lots of blood in it too. They're SCANDANAVIANS. They're violent-bloodshed is sort of obviously gunna happen here, especially with me.
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