Astarte, Goddess of love and war Picture

Now this was a design that went back and forth...

---Astarte, Goddess of love and war------------------------------------------------------------------
The Hellenized form of the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar, and equivalent to many other similar
middle-eastern fertility goddesses, such as Inanna and Astghik. All of them governing over fertility,
sex and love, but also war, power and bloodshed, and all represented by symbols such as the lion, the dove,
and most importantly, the planet Venus, known back then as the morning and evening star (some cultures
believed that Venus in the morning and at night were two different entities), of which they are a
personification of. While all of them share similar stories, being erotic, but fierce and powerful goddess
who treated their lovers very cruelly ,they each have their own individual tales and quirks. Astarte was
represented with crescent horns, representing the mountains and her ruleship over them, or a crescent
moon. She was the daughter of Epigeius, the god of the heavens and sister to Elus, king of the gods, who
gained control by overthrowing his father. Epigeius sends Astarte and her sisters to Elus as a mean of
seducing and tricking him, but they all end up becoming his wives, and with his consent, ruled over the
land alongside the mighty Hadad, the god of storms. As with every pagan god, she was vehemently
opposed in biblical texts, being called "Ashtoreth", a combination of her name with the word "Bosheth"
("Abomination"), and much later demonized as the demon Astaroth.
I'm considering here Astarte/Ishtar/Astghik as all the same entity, or at least too similar enough to justify
a post of their own in the future, since I already mixed their elements here a bit. I actually began this design
as Inanna, but I thought it didn't do her enough justice, so I changed to Astarte instead, but Inanna herself
is unique enough to guarantee a possible entry here someday.

All of these goddesses were known for being very ruthless, Ishtar for example turned her lovers into animals
after having sex with them, or just plain killing them. Being also deities of war, they have quite a dark side
beyond their just erotic and glamorous appearance, and I wanted to portray that. Inanna had a 8-pointed
star as her symbol, but where I look said Astarte's was just a plain pentagram or star, so I went with that
to save some more unique elements for her design in the future.

I was initially going to give her a dark skin to match her place of origin, but I wanted to make her look less
human-like, so I based her on this statue: [link]
Her skin isn't exactly white, as she's more like a living statue herself, an embodiment and idolized personification
of what she represents.

Well, that's it from me, hope you all liked it!
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