Sailor Nephthys Picture

Name: Keket Kakra
Age: 23
Hair: Black
Eyes: Ice Blue
Bio: Keket is the younger of the Kakra twins. She is the priestess of Pharaoh Amasis's descendant. As a priestess she preforms many spells and rituals, therefore she is often present at funerals. She provides loved ones peace of mind their honored dead will be safe in the afterlife as she preforms her rituals with the coming of night. She and her sister work hand in hand with the Subira twins: Ebonique and Dendera. For her help with the dead during the coming of night she was given the power to become Sailor Nephthys: Goddess of the night and lamentation.

This is the sixth Egyptian Sailor Senshi I've made via [link]

She's based on the goddess Nephthys of Egyptian mythology.

Update: I've updated the Senshi to fit my view of a more Egyptian style: cool to help with the heat(no stockings), and less frills and bows. Plus I've changed this color scheme.
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