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This is a character from a story made by a friend of mine (with my assistance). It has an oriental setting, which lets us just mix and match stuff from almost every culture. It is going to be kick-ass. He gives me side-characters, and I fill them with character depth. So this is Chi Lin, the deplorable shrine maiden.

Her story:

She was born on the day the royal dictator Lord Ado's wife adopted the orphaned child of a local servant, despite the discouragement of her husband, who was a social darwinist to the aryan race.
Okay, so she was born on this day, and her parents, Tsuma and Kaedi (Kay-dee) Lin, decided to name her 'Chi', as a name with a mystical background. Because her parents ran a shinto shrine in the mountains, they believed that their child had strong spiritual foundations. In Chinese mythology, a Chi L'in is the equivalent to a unicorn, and is said to appear at the rise of a new ruler, or the death of an old ruler. Chi L'in are said to be very spiritual and posses magical healing qualities.

So, they named their daughter Chi Lin, but her mother died soon after from post-childbirth lack of medical support and so on, so her father brought her up. She was not as interested in the shrine and in religion as she was in performing arts and would spend days dancing in the courtyard for the shrine. But she would pretend to be interested in religion so she would not offend her father. When her father was very old, and she was 16 at the time, she would go into the wilderness that surrounded the shrine and look for medicinal herbs for him. And when she was there, she found a large incandescent pearl bigger than her head sitting under a pile of rubble. At first, she had to ignore it because she had a father to take care of, but every time she went into the woods, the number of pearls would grow.
Then, her father died, and she went into he woods to collect flowers for his grave. She looked under the pile of rubble and found seven of the large pearls, and decided to take them. When she put them on her father's grave, one of them shook and made a strange noise. And then, out of the pearl, came a baby dragon. She realized that all the pearls were dragon eggs. Soon enough, all the eggs hatched, and she was left with seven baby dragons. The egg shells, which were still very luminescent and beautiful even though they were in pieces, were then sold by Chi to buy food for her new pets, who were very attached to her.

So, a few more years passed, and now, she keeps her dragons in a secret archive underneath the shrine. This was when the shrine was under threat. Because, when Lord Ado died, the country slit into three main areas. The area her shrine was placed in was ruled under Lord Saito, who disagreed strongly against her shrine and its religion, and gave permission to some radicals to arrest her and burn the shrine down. Chi would not have minded about the shrine, except that the grounds were important to her. Her parents were buried there, and her pets were there, too.
On the night of the arrest, she was preparing to release her dragons to protect her and the shrine, but she was approached by the Lord Kajojo, who was planning to take over Saito's region, offering her shrine safety if she agrees to become his follower. She reluctantly agreed.

But, here's her twist: because she does not consider herself to be worthy of being a shrine maiden, she is willing to fight, and the Lord sometimes uses her as a consort. She is supposed to offer him religious support for his sins, which she thinks is very unfit to do, but is threatened by the Lord Kajojo to do so. When she fights, she wears a kabuki mask laced with a drug that makes her mind hazy to the killing she does. Because of her mask and her love for performing arts, Lord Kajojo also appoints her as the head of the plays and kabuki in the north.

She still has her dragons, as well as other mythical beasts she finds in the woods of her shrine like a Baku, inari, Fenghuang and many more.

The images of the moon, the dragon and the baku spirit come from these sites respectively: [link] , [link] , [link] .
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