Autumn Resolve Picture

"Autumn Resolve"

I sort of pictured a world where my character(s) would have to scavenge for weapons and tools and even armor. But what survived the crossing, the mind and soul, would want to live on. I thought this guy would be a martial artist. I always wanted to practice Kendo. I love Autumn... I love that line from the Red Hot Chili Peppers' song, "Scar Tissue" -- which is itself ironic in context to this piece -- "Autumn's sweeter when you call it Fall, I'll make it to the moon if I have to crawl". Autumn is the season of the Moon Goddess, and the Moon Rabbit. Virtue is its own reward in the Fall.

My Gryphon wouldn't eat the Moon Rabbit. He'd chase it and then they'd eat Easter Eggs; Deviled Eggs, my recipe...

This piece is moving me more than I care to admit. I love it, in fact...

Kendo is all about ritual. I found an old snippet from a magazine of a Kendo uniform similar to the one shown here, and that was inspiration... Nearly everything in Japanese culture is ritual. I've been mistakenly latching onto the rituals that ascribe with negative; Kendo is a positive ritual: the prep; putting on the uniform; going through forms and katas; taking the uniform off; cleaning the uniform; cleaning the training area; and properly storing the uniform and weapons.

Positive ritual speaks to Balance and DBT. Balance is Zen.

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