Alex as a Dragon - Sketch Picture

In the middle time between Eccentricity 1.0 and 2.0, there was The Great War. A time when Anubis decided to launch his anthro hell forces upon the planetary system of Terran in hopes of acquiring a new planet of slaves. The war raged for ten years on one planet, two moon, three space stations and an interdimensional gate to Anubis' planet. The culmination of the war involved Terran losing a moon to Anubis (with 1.2 million inhabitants).

During this time, Lee had altered Alex's DNA to contain dragon bits. He had two triggers for transformation: pull pretty hard on his right ear for human > dragon; punch pretty hard in the gut for dragon > human. Or, wait 24 hours and the dragon portion wears off.

Anyway, drew a sketch in between back spasms...
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