Kyranis, Ocaus and Decaus Picture

The 'Holy Homeworld' of the Y'Karran Empire in the best I can do so far! The twin moons of Ocaus and Decaus, the brothers of Love, Honor, Duty, and Sacrifice. The twins were considered the examples of these virtues due to their actions during the War of Recovery, or the War of the Meeting.

During the war, the Homeworld had been assaulted by the Dominius Zalkan, an alien race bent on destruction, seeing the Y'Karran race as an affront to their beliefs. They managed to penetrate into the area around the Homeworld, and were burning city after city. The two brothers pledged to hold their farm, in defiance of the invaders. Between them, their psionic link allowed a higher resonation. Both of them held the Nova Sign, coded into their very beings, and amplified by distress and proximity, allowing them to work almost like a guitar and amplifier. This allowed them to release, at the cost of their lives, a psychic 'scream' that crippled the invaders long enough for the defense forces to rally.

Kyranis itself is named for the First Lord Emperor of the Y'Karran Empire, Kyra. She was considered the 'guiding light', an 'angel who walked the world.' In reality, she was an envoy of an ancient order, a race that had lived on the planet before the Y'Karran. A race that had helped give shape to the universe as we know. She imparted knowledge, grace, and gave the gift of the Nanites and the Signs, allowing the Empire to blossom and become an alliance, a defending presence, that ended up touching every star in the night sky, and protecting them from races that would seek to enslave or obliterate them. The term 'Y'Karran' has no simple English translation, the term is merely a phonetic 'close enough'. However, in most cultures that have some mythology, the term can be taken to mean 'guardian angel,' 'guiding spirit,' or even 'jealous defender.'
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