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This is the cover to the new fiction, El Equesterismo, the alternate sequel to Bronystories' most infamous story 120 Days of Blueblood. The story, characters and events are somehow and loosely based from Filipino writer, doctor and novelist José Rizal's famous novel "El Filibusterismo".

Story can be found here: www.fimfiction.net/story/11732…

A stallion seeks vengeance on those who treated everypony unequally and brutally through series of orgies and rapes. Once a wise and intelligent propagandist, he became a violent soldier of revenge. He plans to bring justice in Equestria and end the tyrannical era of King Blueblood once and for all.


Major characters:

New characters:
Revolt Strike/the Philosopony – the main character of the story, Revolt Strike disguised as the Philosopony and aimed to bring revolution in Equestria and get revenge on the libertines who had tortured and destroyed his family
Stealth Eagle – a close friend to Revolt Strike
Derpy Hooves – best friend of Stealth Eagle
Sunset Shimmer – marefriend of Stealth Eagle, Princess Celestia's most faithful student after the heretic
Princess Mi Amore Cadenza / Cadance – the Crystal Princess and daughter of the Crystal Emperor
Prince Charming – the Crystal Prince, adoptive brother to Princess Cadance
Emperor Crystal – the father of Prince Charming and Cadance, ruler of the Crystal Empire and leader of the crystal ponies
Mother Nature – the mother of Prince Charming and Cadance, sister of Princess Celestia and has the power to control over nature
Flash Sentry – the Captain of the Guard and Princess Cadance's fiancee
Carrot Top – marefriend of Revolt Strike and adopted daughter of Mother Nature
Father Thunder – the head of the Equestrian Clergies’ Society and bishop of Ponyville
Sister Warmth – a fiery-maned nun who was Sister Spectrum's friend and Father Thunder's wife
Rumble – the younger brother of Father Thunder

Recurring characters from 120 Days of Blueblood:
King Blueblood – the Godking and Supreme Ruler of Equestria; known for being a cruel tyrant and libertine
Princess Celestia – a princess who has the ability to raise the sun for the day
Princess Luna – a princess who has the ability to raise the moon for the night
Fancy Pants – a libertine who has good fortune and one of Blueblood's best friends
Fleur-de-lis – the servant of Fancy Pants
Filthy Rich – rich libertine who was Diamond Tiara's stepfather
Blueblood's Wife – married Prince Blueblood who became King; she committed suicide days after becoming Queen
The Scholar – the niece of Revolt Strike; she was a heretic who was executed by Prince Blueblood
Sister Spectrum – a pegasus nun loyal to religion who had attempted to assassinate Blueblood and failed
Sister Sunflower – the best friend of Sister Spectrum and head of the orphanage

Minor characters:
The Scholar's Parents – related to Revolt Strike, they were both raped and killed by Blueblood
Spoiled Brat – rich libertine landlady from Ponyville
Chronos – the father of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, a god who has the power to rule time
Galactica – the mother of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, a goddess has the power to rule space
Star Swirl the Bearded – one of Equestria's greatest and most powerful wizards who existed long before Blueblood
Ahoofra Mazda – the God of the Zoroastrian religion in the Pearsian Empire
Marduk – the patron deity from the religion of the mighty city of Babullonia
Elementra – a sibling to the Holy Sisters, the mother of Blueblood, wife to Dragola, has the power to control the elements (fire, air, water, earth)
Gidora – the renegade alicorn, the god who controls the void and antimatter
Dragola – the God of Pure Darkness, son of Gidora and father of King Blueblood
Tutandraken – a powerful dragon and once a great ruler to Equigypt
Ramcest II – a pegasus who ruled Equigypt and shared the same libertine trait as Blueblood
Dratlas – a powerful dragon from the Greek mythology who has the duty to carry the globe
Long Shen – the mighty deity of the Chinese religion
Amareterasu – the goddess of the Japanese people
Nebullchadnezzar VII – the ruler of the city of Babullonia in Maresopotamia
Deerius XVI – the emperor of the mighty Mersian Empire
King Ali-Hoofwamiyah – the leader of the absolute monarchy in Saddle Arabia
Princess Akira – princess of the Empire of Neighpon and heir to the Japanese throne
Archduke Storro Zemuri de Ibecerra (Stormy) – heir to the Itailian throne

El Equesterismo belongs to © The King of Kings
120 Days of Blueblood belongs to © Bronystories
El Filibusterismo belongs to © José Rizal
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to © Hasbro

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