SD:SWS- Sage Talbot Picture

Name: Sage “Saborlito” McCormick Talbot

Age: 14 years old

Height: 5’5”

Race: Werewolf- Also known as Lycanthropes, Werewolves are mythological/folkloric humans with the ability to shape shift into wolves or anthopomorphic wolf-like creatures, most commonly during the Full Moon. The werewolf is a dominant figure in the Horror genre and is known as the mortal enemy of the Vampire.

Ethnicity: 1/2 Scottish, 1/4 Puerto Rican, 1/4 German

Grade: 9th grade

Relatives: Oregano Talbot(Big Bad Wolf, older brother), Thyme Talbot(Werewolf, Father), Mint Talbot(Werewolf, cousin), Pepper, Rosemary, Ginger, Basil, Clover, and Cinnamon Talbot(Werewolves, all Cousins)

Style: Urban street pup

Orientation: Heterosexual

Significant body markings: two green piercings on each ear. Green paw print tattoo on upper thigh

Favorite Class: Physical Education

Favorite Teacher(s): Coach Wong(Chinese Guardian Lion, PE/Soccer Coach) and Mr. Cardenes(Chupacabra, Spanish Teacher)

Club(s): WWHS Soccer Team

Crush/Steady: None

Our Lawyers made us change the name of this song so we wouldn’t get sued by Fall Out Boy

I Got a Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas

Info: Those who have younger siblings know excactly what kind of personality Sage Talbot has. Sage is one of those younger brothers who wants nothing more then to be like his older brother. Sage started buying baggier clothing and tried acting tough, just like his bother, O-Reg. Sage tries his best to pick on the other students, but because of his childish and naive nature, he often fails very easily. Sage tries his best, but no matter what he does, he can’t seem to impress his older brother enough to make him come home.

Once Oregano entered high school, back when Sage was in the 6th grade, he started staying out later, and spending the nights at friends houses. This made Sage worry about his brother, because he never knew if he was okay or not. With a Dad who was a full time detective, and a brother who’d rather spend his night roaming the streets then at home, this caused Sage to become very lonely at home, but once he entered High School, that all changed. Sage happily accepted his brother’s offer to join his pack, along with his cousin Pepper, and an old childhood friend, Bernard aka Barry.

Sage’s relationship with his Pepper, and all of his cousins, is different, depending on the cousin. Sage sees Mint more like an older sister, then a cousin. Pepper has recently become one of Sage’s best friend, not only because he’s in the pack, but also because he’s in the same grade as him, so the two get to talk a lot. Sage and Ginger don’t talk very often, which is obvious when you see the akward “Hello” ‘s when they see eachother. Basil and Sage are skatebuddies, but they tend to get into a lot of arguements; usually over petty things like who cheated in a videogame or who stole the other one’s dog biscuit.. Sage tries to avoid the twins at all costs, seeing as he can never tell them apart, which makes him like a horrible cousin, and Rosemary is that cute cousin you simply can’t say no to.

Being the youngest member of the pack, along with Pepper, Sage is considered the Puppy of the group, and because of this, he isn’t taken as seriously as the other, and even though O-Reg is tough and hardcore, he’s still worried about his brother. So, he assigned his childhood friend, Barry, to keep watch over him. Basically, Barry is now Sage’s bodygaurd, which is a good thing too. If it weren’t for Barry always being around Sage, the poor kid would have had his face pounded in so many times by the older kids he tries to pick on.

Like his older brother, Sage decided to join a sports team, and instead of joining track with O-Reg, he ended up on the soccer team with Pepper. There, he met Trent Peterson, the black sheep, and a senior on the team who seems to have a crush on his older brother. Sage tries his best to ignore that part, but it drives him crazy because it’s so obvious.

Sage has yet to develop a crush at school yet, but he doesn’t mind all to much. His current goal is try and get his brother to come home more. Maybe after that he can relax and get a girl.

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