Name comes from Greek mythology, meaning ''ash tree'' - it was the name of a certain nymph, daughter of Okeanos

Gender: Female
Age: 15 in human years
Location: Trinuste, Nuvol

Melia likes to concider herself as a royal. She tries hard to get all she needs, wants and desires, everything from the necessary amount of food to the amount of gold she likes to have. Draping herself with jewelry, fabrics, metals and miscellanious objects is what makes her already high, outer self-esteem bloom to its fullest.
Even if she likes to show off with matter and actions, Melia doesn't need to be the center of the attention - she just wants to show her own place and express her dignity. Her actions speak more than her words, as she can't express herself enough with words, and is a poor talker anyway.
Being in a higher rank makes Melia feel a bit discouraged, as decisions - alongside with talking - makes her nervous. Altough she shows herself as a bit rude, sarcastic missy, she doesn't have the nerve to say anything against the persons of higher ranks, even if they want to hear her opinion. This just makes her attitude worse, as she might want to escape these situations with no explanations. She needs some time to think what to say, even if someone asks her opinion about the food options.
Having a role as a leader or a mentor makes Melia feel uncomfortable, but she's too dedicated to her pack to give her rank away - besides, higher rank gives her the oppoturnity to get her paws on more expensive, unusual goodies!

Melia is a bit more built than she's expected to be - having the oppoturnity to run has made her muscles a bit tougher and buffer, but most of the muscles are hidden under her thick, brown fur.
She likes to walk her head a bit higher when she likes to show off, or has new goods with her. Her steps are fast, long and a bit jumpy, as if she would be jogging, and her tail is usually swinging from side to side smoothly - but whenever her thick tail is a bit messy, she likes to lower her tail's position to hide the messy fur.
The hair is also very thick and spiky, which is why she holds it in a braid. Sometimes she does unties her hair to wash it, but mostly it's held with golden jewelry, and the hairstyle may vary.
The jewelry she holds are her usual set of golden jewels - one thick necklase, which holds the icon of her pack (the crescent on top of the full moon), six sapphire earrings, four golden earrings and one thick tail pendant. The jewelry may change, depending on the situation.

Art & Melia Pumicite © xWolfCrazyx
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