Rumor Picture

This is yet another assignment for my british lit class that i love so much. this one took me 7 hours to draw. i think i am slightly getting better...slightly...

so the assignment was to draw a picture of what we thought the mythological titan, RUMOR, looked like... well...
its not very accurate considering in THE AENEID she was supposed to be very ugly. i like drawing pretty things soooo...

lines 171-172/ 176-184

tiny at first in fear, she swells, colossal
in no time, walks on earth, but her head is hidden

deadly of wing, a huge and terrible monster,
with an eye below each feather in her body,
a tongue, a mouth, for every eye, and ears
double that number; in the night she flies
above the earth, below the sky, in shadow
noisy and shrill;her eyes are never closed
in slumber; and by day she perches, watching
from tower or battlement, frightening great cities.

passage from: liturature of the western world vol 1, 5th ed.(c) wilke & hurt.
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