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Maid of Doom: One who Creates with Doom or Creates Doom

Maids start out relying on others for their Aspect. They’re often treated like doormats, dismissed or pushed around by those they rely on. Their challenge is to learn to rely on themselves for their Aspect.

A Maid of Doom would start out relying on others for the rules and limits of what they can and can’t do. They follow the rules of authority figures and try their hardest to fulfill any obligations or responsibilities given to them. They seek acceptance from others by being the calm, goody two shoes type, thinking good people get friends and are recognized for their responsibility. In reality though they are just most likely going to be used and taken advantage of by other people. They are cautious, pessimistic and they do what they are, at first, told is necessary and had to happen.

They rely on others for the sharp black and white distinctions of the world around them, what is good, what is bad, what can be changed, what cannot be changed. They would at first act very obedient and subservient to whoever their authority figure was. Once they start to accept and rise to their challenge, their heels will immediately dig into the ground. They will stop listening to the authority they used to listen to and make a stand. They will create a line in the sand that shall not be crossed and they will clearly state their own limits of what they will and will not do. They will start creating their own rules and their own boundaries.
More info here- dahniwitchoflight

Character Theme: spiritualism
Gender: male
Age: 10 sweeps
World: Alternia
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Quadrants filled: 2; you have filled both concupiscent quadrants but have yet to find a conciliatory partner
Lusus: bigger than average, civilized beast that looks like a re-imagined mythological creature

-Physical Description-
Blood Color: mutant hot pink
Height: average in height
Build: pudgy
Hair: slightly wavy, very long

Vim: 5/10
Imagination: 2/10
Pulchritude: 3/10
Intelligence: 3/10
Extraversion: 7/10
Sentimentality: 2/10
Stability: 4/10
Aggression: 6/10
Luck: 6/10
Wealth: 4/10
Humor: 5/10
Kindness: 3/10
Romanticism: 7/10
Psionics: 3/10
Hemoloyalty: 4/10
Lusus Influence: 3/10

-Values and Goals-
You are crazy about: your small figurine
You hate: the desert
Strong goal: to master a certain skill
Strong fear: fire
Weak skill: masonry

-SGRUB (optional)-
Title: Maid of Doom
Moon: Prospit
Strife Specibus: lancekind


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