[RS] Rune Picture

Edit: Downgraded her to an NPC.

Name: Rune
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Height: 0'11"
Class: ---
Type: Pure Psychic
Ability: Magic Guard
Nature: Gentle
Characteristic: Highly Curious
Refer to app
Natural: Nasty Plot, Thunder Shock
Special: ---
Type Attribute: Psyshock, Extrasensory
Likes: Books, Learning new skills, Mythology, History, Meeting unique Pokemon, getting what she wants
Reserved | Gentle | Open-minded | Curious | Philosophical | Selfless | Reckless (depends) | Aloof | Fickle | Envious | Spiteful | Caring | Smart | Calculating

Rune has always been a reserved young Pokemon. She is usually quiet, only talking if spoken to or if she's with a friend. Ever since she was teeny tiny, the Psychic Glowchu has always had an insatiable hunger for knowledge. If you possess a skill that she wants to learn, she'll approach you and ask for you to teach her. She has always been fascinated with philosophy, and dreams of one day becoming a philosopher herself. She tries to be unbiased in most situations, but sometimes has difficulty doing so. Rune is a clever young girl, usually having a solution to most problems, however, she can also be calculating, trying to manipulate others into doing what she wants. If you hurt her, she will go out of her way to spite you for your actions, yet she isn't quick to anger, only becoming angry when she has been hurt or screwed over badly. And when she does get angry, said anger oftens turns into a very destructive rage where Rune loses control over her psychic powers. Despite these things, Rune is very gentle towards most people and actively avoids making enemies. She tends to be more expressive once you befriend her and cares very deeply for her friends.

Rune was born to two Glowchus, a Dragon/Dark Raichu named Amos and a Ghost/Psychic Pikachu named Lily. She lived with them in a small cottage in the Whispering Woods along with her two brothers, Luther and Brycen. Things went pretty fine when she was a baby, but as she got a few years old, she started losing control of her psychic powers. When she'd get upset, she'd unleash her powers on those around her on accident. Her parents were worried and had to find a doctor that could help her. Finally, they found an Alakazam who specialized in helping other Psychic types. He thankfully showed young Rune how to put a leash on her powers. After that, Rune calmed down and was much more at ease, focusing on learning new skills and things. After their sons left home, Rune, along with her parents, moved into the tech city. But one day, Rune was outside reading a book when she heard a familiar voice at the harbor nearby. Sneaking off to investigate, she soon discovered it was her brother, Luther! She ran inside and let her parents know, and they were overjoyed. So the three decided to pack up and join Moon Clan on the ship to see Luther again. Subject to change
Fun Facts:
When trying to keep her psychic power under control, she'll fold her ears like a Meowstic.
- Her markings sometimes glow a bright white when she focuses heavily on something
- Hates being tickled
- She's lactose intolerant and a picky eater
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