Eris. Picture

For some reason, I've been drawing the same Goth-y, dark, sexy (I'd do her) chick every day at work ever since Monday. And in a couple of days, this is the final development I got. (Sorry for the blurry quality; I still possess no scanner.) Started with just wanting to draw a girl with long, dark hair, similar to Death (my Dead Moon charrie.). Turned into a Greek bringer of death and agent of discord.

Hence, I named her Eris (Greek goddess of strife). She's kinda cunning, kinda shifty, and a smooth talker.

She's got a few elements in her (physically speaking) that are outside my normal portrait characteristics ... *shrug* Figured I'd try something new. Simplified a bit, experimented with new features (like her particularly long and black lips). I don't know about you regular viewers, but I likey.
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