Homestuck OC: Zorena Nazare Picture

Name: Zorena Nazare

Age: 6.46 sweeps

Earth Years: 14

Hive: By the sea side. Looks like Dracula's Castle

Weapon: Headphones that turn in a futuristic gun that uses CD music blast waves that is very lethal. The headphones have her symbol on the left side and a button that is a skull to transform it into the Devil's Music (Weapon name). Also the weapon can switch CD's music and also turn up the volume that makes it more violent.

Power: The ability to trap the prey inside their mind sending them into a nightmare of their biggest fear. This causes them to break and confess. Also kills those who were sentence to death.

Her Eye: Got her eye stabbed in a fight then killed the person thus stitching her eye shut instead of leaving it open.

Trollian: bitter_illusion

Typing Quirk: ~<\3 Heyz <\3~ (Example)

Symbol: Purple Cresent Moon with a stitch going through it.

Blood: Purple

Interest s: Renaissance Art, Reading, Skeletons, FLARP, Renaissance History, Violin, Troll Shakespeare, Greek mythology, Sweets, Ancient Rome & Forgotten Languages, Training with her weapon,Screamo & Pop music, gymnastics (flexible), Anime, Troll History, Baking Sweets, , dancing, sleep, opera, calligraphy, Skate boarding, spiders, writing, mangas, walking along the shoreline near her hive, Astronomy,

Personality: Courteous(sometimes), Risk Taking (Sometimes), Curious(Occasionally), Self-Control (Half the time), Nurturing (often), Trusting Peolpe (Rarely), Honest (Yes), Loyal (Yes), Affectionate (Rarely), Romantic (Sometimes), Flirty (Never), Sympathetic (Depends on the person), Altruistic (Generally), Optimistic (Often), Social (Somewhat out going), Emotions (Somewhat controlled)

Character Quirks: Twiddles thumbs when bored, magical creatures,Conspiracies, Hates foot tapping, annoyed by stuttering people, Hate not knowing things

Game God Title: The Lady of Fear

Character Flaws & Weaknesses: Socially Awkward, Sadistic,Short temper, mentally unstable, added to a dangerous substance(Soper Slime mixed with Black Rose Petals), going insane without eatino that.

Character Motivation: Destroy Rivals, A place to belong, Raiding a family, Finding a matesprit

Ancestor History: Found a necklace with her sign on it and holds the memories of her ancestor.

Character Secret: Killed a few trolls when she got sobor.

Quadrants: Unfilled

Lusus: Hydra

A Huge Fear: Finally losing control of her state of mind and letting her sobor sidearly to take her over.

She does worship the mirthful messiahs, but does not care for the blood system except when she loses control then there is blood shed

Most treasure possession is the necklace because it let's her know where she descended along with know more about the pat.
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