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Are there any Codename Sailor V fans out there? One of my favourite arcs of Takeuchi's Sailor stories came from there. Her use of mythology isn't cheap and has nothing to do with name-dropping. By weaving the myth of Adonis into Sailor Venus's background story, she evokes a sense of tragedy in a tale that wouldn't be quite as epic on its own.
(just look at that panel where she's holding his hand to save him, and he gives her a curse; or a gift, depending on how you see it. Hello, pathos.)

So here we have Adonis and Venus, in some other life. The title comes from Shakespeare's poem, "Venus and Adonis", which has a vastly different plot.

Last thing: goggles/masks didn't suit Sailor Moon ALL the time (sometimes they looked awesome), but Sailor V seems both more vulnerable and more determined without them. Maybe it has something to do with facing your fears without hiding, and although she retains a secret identity, her real face is out there when she is Sailor Venus. When she looks in the mirror, she can't separate the two personae after abandoning the mask for good. She's the leader, and she's the first to face her job as a senshi. It must be pretty daunting.

characters and Codename wa Sailor V (c) Naoko Takeuchi
art by me
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