Kirin character sheet Picture

Ok here it is, a charactersheet of the kirin animal I made as a taxidermy soft mount.
I used a muntjac gead, goat horns fox and persian lamb fur for make this animal.
It has 4 eyes which is not normal for a kirin.
This is also not a tall horse sized kirin, it is as big as a red fox and rather fat.
The full name of this character is Tamashi Senkensha which means it can see your soul.
With it's normal big eyes it sees like any other animal. But the albino eyes in front of the bigger eyes are not able to see the surrounding. They only see the individual characters surrounding it and the spirit of it's soul. So it can see if you are open minded, or closed, or good, or bad-natured.
The fleshy strips on it's forehead release a scent which can manipulate the feelings of it's surrounding enemies.
But it also is able to defend itself with it's horns. It lives in forests near mountains and prefers a life as a loner.
This species is genderless and only gives birth if it is time to replace the own body by an offspring which gets raised by the adult till it reaches adulthood after 2 months. Lifespan of this species lays from 50 - 80 years.
They only live in areas where humans never have made a step into and when they start to destroy the nature which is part of it's territory, it just disappears in the first new moon when none is able to see it in the darkness of the forest anymore.
It usually eats plants but also sometimes hunts small animals with it's fangs.
Sometimes when the destruction of the humans are so bad, the kirin becomes a demon after it's disappearing and hounts through the dying forest and manages to let trees or rocks fall down onto the working humans or their houses.
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