The Nature of the Beast Picture

"To her, it was the symbol of her everlasting friendship with the strange talking wolf; To him, its value was purely monetary".

This is my EDIT: (STILL AWAITING APPROVAL?! and probably going to be withdrawn soon) entry for the Werewolves at Heart biweekly contest titled 'Misunderstanding'.
I considered refraining from the competition, because the concepts that came to me from 'Misunderstanding' were very, very dark thoughts--and I dislike creating such art (it either comes across as incredibly preachy, or simply darkens the mood of the reader). I hope that this comes off as sobering instead of merely depressing.

Allow me to explain the concept behind this deviation.

All of you werewolf fans are probably familiar with the poem: "Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright."
To me, it comes across as blaming the nature of the wolf, for the actions of the man-wolf hybrid, which might seem reasonable enough (given the superstition of the dark ages from which the myths ran rampant)

However, if one were to observe the wolf, in its natural habitat, or in the zoo, one can't help but note that the wolf is very much different from its portrayal in standard mythology ('Big and bad?, seriously?). Wolves are simply not known for attacking humans.

While it is true that wolves kill other wolves to protect their territory, one only needs to open the newspapers to see that Mankind commit kin-slaughter for far less significant reasons. In fact, King Lycaon (in Greek Mythology) was a human whose acts were so heinous that he was cursed to be the first werewolf--notice that it wasn't the other way round?

There are plenty of deviations and messages out there going along the lines of: "Werewolves are not messed up but misunderstood" but the point I am trying to drive is that "Yes, they are messed up, but not for the reasons we are lead to believe".
Imagine cramming the seven sins we all know into the brain of an animal that has thus far only need to eat, sleep, and see to the continuation of the pack's survival, AND ADD a nasty brand of selfish intelligence: no wonder the poor critters often need psychiatric help!

To those of you who have taken valuable time to read through my point of view, feel free to comment and debate, and be sure to include the word 'mirror' in your comment
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