The Dream Machine- Fire Axe Picture

Not long ago I was listening to some music and it all came to me. I knew I wanted to make story but I didnt know what.
Shortly after I had suddenly created this whole story about a machine called the 'Dream Machine'. There was some scientists who created a machine and they needed someone to test it, I wanted to be their test subject and was, this machine took me to a fantasy land long away to a castle where I fell on love with a rather familiar face (Please don't ask who, I don't want to be bombarded by idiotic shippers, I think you could guess)
We both became really good friends and shared laughs together, one night there was a full moon, it came a really romantic scene and we were about to kiss when all of a sudden there was a flash and with the blink of an eye I was gone, and back in reality. I had gotten really depressed to a point where I felt I was worth nothing. When the scientists found out about the depression it has bought they decided to bann the 'Dream Machine', I knew at that point all hope was lost until I found a note, a note written by him, the note read; "Hey, I still love you, you can come back, always in your dreams, your love, (His name here)"
That night I slept and my dream took me back into that dream world. I saw him, we became friends again and he told me where the machine was kept. Making our plans, I decided I would find the machine and trap myself inside forever. I was completely unaware of what may happen and whether I would be safe or not but that didn't matter, I wanted to chance this more than ever.
I went away, found the dream machine and once again stepped inside but this time rigging a trap that would cut the power as soon as I entered, leaving me in forever.
The plan worked and once again I was back in my fantasy, happily ever after.

That was the first story, I decided that this story wasn't long enough and that I needed to make a second one, I did. 'The Dream Machine, Part 2- The Myth of the Fire Axe'

The second story:
After coming back to my work of fantasy, I really wanted to find a way to make him (from the last story) fall in love with me, I began reading Books about ancient mythology, and I found one about an old myth called the 'Fire Axe' and it became really interesting and I started to read a lot more of it.
I told him about it and he told me that this axe is actually real and for many years people have been trying to find it, to seek it out, those that have took upon this quest have all failed and never returned again. Some have said that the fire axe possess such a strong power that can only be wielded by true love. Others say that if you touch it, your body would immediately burst into flames. Nobody really knows what power the fire axe truely holds. With that knowledge I decided that I should take upon the quest myself, in an aim to try and impress him (the one I fell in love with)
But what happened... What power did the fire axe really possess and was I really safe..?
(I will write the story conclusion soon but that will be in the description of another deviantation, in the mean time. Tell me what you think
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