Lin Mo Niang Picture

Another piece of art for my "Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Goddess" story: [link]

This would be another one of my original characters within the story (who debuts in episode 2 in my story), Lin Mo Niang, a.k.a. Sailormazu.

Like I said, this story (and the creation of each of my Goddess Senshi) was heavily inspired by mythology of various cultures. This cute chubby faced gal was inspired by the story of Lin Mo Niang, and the Chinese Goddess Mazu.

As for the character style, it wasn't really inspired by anything/one. (And yes, yes, I'm sure she reminds you of Chun Li, because of her ox horns.)

Just came to me so I did it, and then others who enjoyed the story had submitted art of their own to me of her in the same way I'd drawn and described her within my story. ^_^

The pose/attire I'd actually seen somewhere (can't remember now, obviously) and got inspired/thought it cute so draw Niang within that pose as well. ^_^

I like her a lot, for a multitude of reasons, but also cuz of her slight-slight pudgy nature. Y'know, since most senshi you encounter on the show or in fics are scrawny.

Plus, she's an absolute sweetie. (Read the story! LoL)
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