Character Sketch:Endymion Picture

It's been a while since I submitted anything.
And even longer since I submitted anything original...


The first character sketch for Character in a KHR spin off Fanfic that's been swimming around in my head these days. (hey an OC is an OC...)

The basic plot of the fic is pretty much Reborn! The Next Generation... About who becomes boss after Tsuna.

And no, It's not Endymion.

Endymion is the Boyfriend (eventual fiancé and husband) of Tsuna's Daughter, Tsuki, his one and only child... Tsuki is in line to be the Vongloa Family's 11th Boss and the 2nd ever Female Boss of the family. ^^

I eventually wanna adapt this story and change the setting and supporting characters so it can stand on it's own so that it's it's own story that is just sort of based on Reborn.. but I'm not really sure how to go about it...

According to Greek Mythology
Endymion is the lover of Selene, Greek goddess of the moon.

Tsuki means Moon in Japanese...

See the connection ^^

I also have two girls named Artemis and Diana in this. They're Twins. I haven't decided if they're directly related to Endymion or not yet tho...

Brownie points to whoever can guess what other anime uses these three names for characters in a story with Moon Myth Themes ^__^

About Endymion:
Endymion, Dymion or Dymi to his friends
In the Reborn Universe he'd be a Mist type. In the parallel Reborn Like Universe of my adaption He's a Spirit Type.
His primary weapons are two twin daggers that only he can use.

He worships Tsuki...sort of literally.
He's a Masochist Switch but tends to lean towards Submissive and thus he likes when Tsuki orders him around.
He's a human ash tray, as in he likes getting burned... he has a habit of popping up around Gokudera whenever he lights up.

Being he masochist he is, his ears, eye borrows, tongue and nipples are all pierced. He had his noes pierced for a while but he didn't like the feeling as if he had something up his noes all the time XD He thought about getting his belly button pierced, but in the end he thought it was too girly...XD He wants tattoos, but he hasn't found a design he likes yet...

In spite of his appearance and outward personality Dymi is very kind and gentile. He's very shy until he gets to know someone, after which he is rather silly and playful. He tends to act extremely silly when he's uncomfortable and gets clingy and toutchy feely when he's nervous.

He loves nature and animals. I likes being outdoors in the woods. He's very intelligent. In spite of his common background he earned a scholarship to attend Tsuki's Prestigious Super Elite School.

He loves reading. He likes classic literature and philosophy the most and also enjoys fantasy, but he'll read just about any book set near him.

He plays the violin and is very passionate about it. Tho he doesn't like preforming. Playing the Violin is something he does for himself. Tsuki stumbled upon him playing once and fell in love with him instantly. Tsuki is the only one Endymion will play for.
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