Pele, Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes Picture

At first I had changed my mind and had given up on drawing Pele in favor of the goddess Pomona,
but then the announcement for Pokemon Sun & Moon came and....Yeah. Best coincidence ever.

---Pele, Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes---------------------------------------------------------------
The capricious and passionate Hawaiian goddess of fire, volcanoes, wind and lightning, and
also creator of the Hawaiian islands. Pele lives at the summit of Mount Kīlauea, and
according to legend is the cause for its constant volcanic activity. Born from the female
spirit Haumea in a land near the clouds, Pele is one day driven away from her homeland
by her sister, Na-maka-o-kaha'i, and embarks on a journey to what would become the
islands of Hawaii on a canoe with her brothers and sister, creating each one in a dispute
with Na-maka-o-kaha'i, and eventually settling in Mauna Loa. The goddess has many legends
detailing a tumultuous romantic life, usually resulting in the fiery deaths of her lovers and
many fits of jealousy and anger. In one story she meets in human form a young chief
named Lohi'au, and falls in love with him, but alas, her human form is temporary, and she
returns to her divine body far away. She sends her beloved sister Hi'iaka to bring him to her,
but she takes a long time, and assuming the two had fallen in love and her sister betrayed
her, she causes a stream a lava to kill the young man before Hi'iaka had time to explain
herself. In another story the goddess falls in love with a man who she discovers was already
in a relationship, and enraged by this turns him into the Lehua tree, prompting the gods to
turn his lover into the Lehua Flower so they wouldn't be separated. Kamapua'a, a pig
demi-god, was also one of Pele's lovers, with whom he had a tempestuous relationship at
first by constant fighting, and alas, surprisingly, Kamapua'a eventually wins with his powers
to summon rain, and the two have a child together. The goddess was also a fierce rival with
the snow goddess Poliʻahu, both in sledding races and in romance, with Poli'ahu usually
having her way, and gaining supremacy over the northern part of the Hawaiian islands.
(I had to write this description in like, 10 minutes, so pardon me if there's some misinformation
or this is just plain badly written.)

I had to hurry a lot to finish Pele in time, and had less time to polish her design than I wanted to,
so I hope it's not too bad.

The design is pretty straightforward, the only thing worth pointing out is that the flowers she's
wearing are Lehua flowers. Since she would wear flowers anyway, it seemed very fitting.

I probably will take next week off for some personal projects, so I'll be back the following week.
Hope you all liked it, and see you all next time!
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