Sailor air Picture

This character that I created is based on and inspired by Sailor moon, sailor moon crystal, lunar chronicles, mermaid melody winx club winx club and precure( pretty cure) franchise.
The story takes place between modern era and future, so it's in year between 2018-2026 . Also, the story is about immortal fairies
especially for sailor star( main character) a fairy of stars and galaxy who was adopted by mortal human parents in order to help her to defeat the evil queen, thanks with the help of her best friends and her prince as she's the main leader. She will never give up until she defeat her enemies and Queen Levanna to save the world from chaos and bring piece and harmony.
About Fairies:
Fairies are immortal ,ageless, intelligent, immune ,magical and overpowered humanoid winged-beings that have pointy ears, females with uncuttable long thick hair, large eyes and they can be either tall, petite or curvy/slender and they are usually size 0-12 . All fairies have different magical and elemental powers and there many classifications of fairies like elves, nymphs, pixies and mermaids.
Today we have sailor air, the mysterious fairy of air who is known to be the guardian of heavens and wanted help from the guardian/princess of harmony and galaxy(AKA sailor star who is the main character and leader of the group that sailor air is not) and she's known to be Zeus's child, from Greek mythology
Name: Auria(her human name)
Zodiac: Aquarius
Personality: Intellectual, friendly despite being sometimes anti-social, independent and she's known how to be good at fighting at fighting skills in just one punch(Get it, one punch man
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