TH - Alessia application Picture

Name: Alessia Vuota (A-lee-see-a V-who a-ta)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Nationality: Italian
Race: Human
Ability: Chromakinesis (Colour Manipulation)
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual

Personality: Quiet most of the time around unfamiliar people, but will warm up to you after she becomes comfortable talking with you. Has a short temper and doesn't enjoy being mistaken for a little kid or being treated like one. Pretty laid back, leaving important things to the last minute, only to freak out and rush something together quickly. Likes acting tough, and picking fights to prove it. Enjoys pranking people whether it be small gag pranks like changing their hair color or full-blown pranks that vary.
Alessia was raised in a pretty normal family, growing up around a older brother and two fathers who did their best raising a girl. They taught her how to be a lady and still kick butt, coddling her and her brother daily. Alessia had of course known of her adoption since she was old enough to understand, so that wasn't anything odd. The day she turned her brothers' skin pink, however, had ceased the families normality for good. It was in the afternoon, her brother was lounging on the couch playing COD when she walked in and asked if she could play too. He stated that it was a game for men not kids, that had cause much annoyance to form in Alessia and she stomped over to him, reaching for the remote but accidentally grabbed him instead, and his skin turned a bright pink. Alessia stared before screaming and let him go, as he had then screamed too, causing her fathers to race into the room alarmed then scared as they looked from their son to Alessia. Frightened, she started rapidly apologizing and tried changing him back, only further worsening his color problem. When she finally succeeded, she looked to her fathers ashamed by what happened and prepared for the worse. Instead Alessia was only given stern, fatherly expressions, they told her it was alright and that it wasn't her fault since it wasn't intentional. They tried somewhat returning to a normal life, but failed because Alessia was enthralled by her newfound abilities and enjoyed changing and swapping colors of everything she could find. Once her parents had heard of Tommorrow Academy they knew that's where she needed to be so she could further learn and grow her ability.
- Greek mythology
- Cooking food and eating it
- Animes such as; Blue Exorsist, Soul Eater, Sailor Moon, etc...
- Crime/Mystery Novels
- Geography
- Yogurt
- Awkward situations
- Sappy romance movies
- Shellfish
- Dresses
Year 1
Class 1A - Ms. Nayuki
Anime club

-Likes changing the color of her hair a lot, but her natural color is black.

-Has glasses but refuses to wear them, so she can't see anything far away.

-She is 5'0" ft

-Can speak Italian rapidly when angry
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