LC - Perv Proof Picture

This is "reference" solely for the fact that it shows that her black tights aren't leggings, and that it shows what she looks like from behind XP

So, lately I've been trying to do art besides SS stuff XD It's been hard, but Lunar Crisis has some fun stuff to play with as well.

I also remembered that I need to make a new character sheet for Luna for the Big 6 Exhibition OCT lol Hopefully I'm not horribly late for that already.

Anyway, in the process of redesigning Luna's outfit one last time, I thought of this funny little joke, which actually isn't much of a joke when you think hard about it XDD

It's hard to tell cuz it's from behind her, but I made a few changes to Luna's toga thing that she wears. It's now a tunic, much like Link wears on LoZ. She still has the sash and the Olympus Stone, but another part of her that I changed was instead of giving her bike shorts under her skirt to protect her from getting peeked at, I changed them into skin-tight pants.

So, while she was already "perv proof" I made it even more obvious now with these pants XP This was also a chance for me to show that they aren't leggings, but actual pants.

The full design will come later once I get the character sheet done
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