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For future enrolment, which I hope is really really soon, because I can't wait! -preparedness-

Character profile

+General stats+
Name: Mizuki Shiro (beautiful white moon)
Age: 12
Birthday: July 23 (Taisho)
Zodiac: Cancer
Gender: female
Race: incomplete jinrou (werewolf)- full transformation stopped by a ritual performed by a priest and mikos,
leaving only wolf ears and tail
Height: 145cm - ??? (cheats by wearing high-heeled tabi sandals or doll lolita platforms <.<)
Weight: 38kg
House: roseus

+Emotional Quotient and related things+
Personality: Described as introverted, reserved and mature for her age but secretly retains her childish nature. She is always calm and collected
in any kind of situation, and knows when to step up to take leadership, or when to follow with orders/authority/other students.
Been known to never show overt expressions of emotion/feeling unless (fact 2).
Likes: white things- like snow, pearls, white roses and clouds, all types of lolita-style clothing, forests/wilderness areas, meat
Dislikes: tight confined spaces- especially those resembling cages, animal cruelty , guns, wolfsbane/Aconitum plant,
silver, rude and impolite people

Ability: low level fire magic- which has some purification effect. She does not possess invincibility, regeneration, abnormal strength or any jinrou characteristics other than her aversion to certain objects and lesser jinrou/more-human appearance.
Skills: basic onmyoji techniques that she rarely uses but Shiro just keeps it in practice, limited healing/traditional medicine
Weapon: At the temple, she trained with her dual fans, personally preferring to use her parasol as her staff- which has now become her main weapon. Her parasol contains a magic that allows it to be shrunk to an easily accessible size for her pet to carry, or to be clipped onto her belt/sash/pocket.

Biography: Born in the new moon, Mizuki Shiro used to be a human girl belonging in a rich Japanese family who started adopting a Westernised culture and lifestyle, such as owning a large mansion with a rose garden that looked out of place in their rural village, wearing different clothes to drinking red wine and eating steak at dinner. The other kids at her home town either admired or despised her. But she always felt empty inside.
On one camping trip a few days before her sixth birthday, Mizuki wandered away from her parents and the campsite, following a strange floating blue flame. Little did they know that the forest they were camping in was filled with
spirits and youkai. She reached the innermost depths of the forest and that was when she was bitten by a cursed okami (wolf) under a new moon and became a jinrou (werewolf).
Mizuki continued walking in a dazed state until she arrived at the bottom steps of a temple, at the outskirts
where the trees grew more sparse. The priest and mikos took her in immediately, sensing she possessed more Eden than the average Factor of her age.
Thus started her vigorous training as an apprentice, somehow it produced little effect to draw out Mizuki's Eden
and transfer it out as magic. Something was suppressing it like a seal- perhaps it was her jinrou blood acting as a defense mechanism?
Nevertheless, she trained everyday and participated in daily temple-keeping chores, e.g. sweeping the grounds,
caring for the solitary cherry blossom tree and welcoming guests and the townspeople who seeked spiritual guidance.
She was happy that she was such a big help to everyone who was at the temple and felt her life was already fulfilled.
The priest always looked at how much effort Mizuki put into life and thought that she might be yearning to be around
children her own age- as she never dared to venture out to town. He saw the potential she had and didn't want to further inhibit her abilities here at their isolated little forest. When Mizuki turned 12 years of age, an opportunity arose- AoH was accepting students from across the land.
Without time to waste and ignoring Mizuki's polite declines, the priest signed her up, in the hope that they could lift the seal and develop Mizuki Shiro's powers into something greater.

+Five Random Facts about Mizuki Shiro~+

1- When she doesn't wear her miko/priestess outfit, Mizuki takes advantage of lolita fashion. It is never over-the-top, but just enough to look different to others. No one knows how she accumulated her clothes, especially during her time at the temple.
It was later believed that a visiting seamstress from the city, acknowledged all her hard work, repaid her by sewing her countless outfits and
accessories and continues to send Mizuki packages and boxes of high quality lolita clothing, customised to her tastes/colours/moods and different
styles wherever she goes. Mizuki's favourite styles are sweet, shiro and classic lolita.
2- Dare to say that Mizuki's hair has pink streaks, make fun of her pearl necklace (a reminder of her childhood)
or repeatedly tease her because of her lolita fashion will give her inconsolable rage and will make her bear a lifelong
grudge and deem the offender as unforgivable. Luckily if the humour is only light-hearted, she mostly just shrugs it off and says, "Surely you don't understand the things of my world." -Except her hair, let that be a warning~
3- Animals are always attracted to Mizuki especially cats. But she has a particular preference for rabbits-but not for eating!
She favours their timid and sweet personalities and cuteness-despite most rabbits running away from her due to fear. Overall, she likes animals as much as they like her!
4- She has a great interest in mythology and the supernatural and likes to uphold traditions. Etiquette to ceremonies, you name it, Mizuki is determined to keep these beliefs and events as close to the past as possible. This makes her highly superstitious and others may perceive her as uptight if given the role of organising.
5- The only display of magic she ever used was summoning a shikigami in the form of a rabbit. It was only for onmyoji training but the shikigami grew attached to its
master and stayed by her side ever since. Mizuki, along with the priest and mikos, were surprised she could continuously maintain its form and called it "Banri-usa"
her first real friend and companion. Banri-usa either sticks onto Mizuki's back for reassurance and protection or hovers close to her side, offering gentle words of encouragement. It can never be dismissed and is now her full-time pet.
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