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* Kajko i Kokosz - by Janusz Christa
* Asterix - by Gościnny & Uderzo
* 2Kingdoms - by Sarah Campbell
* Sailor Moon - by Naoko Takeuchi
* Smurfs - by Peyo
* Podr√≥ż smokiem Diplodokiem - by Tadeusz Baranowski
* Donald Duck comics made in Italy
* Antresolka profesorka Nerwosolka - by Tadeusz Baranowski

The first two comics are very interesting, because they were always accused of copying things from one to another. But Christa created his characters long before Asterix was made, and I doubt someone from out of Poland knew his comics at the time, so it's not the case.

I think that Asterix is pretty universal and thus very popular, while I highly doubt that Christa's series can be understand by foreigners properly.

I like both series much, but Christa's made more impression on my childhood, because of supernatural elements in his stories that were reffering to slavic mythology and folklore. Also, Christa's series has those pretty cool and funny villains - Ruffnights (ruffian + knight).
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