The Legend Beginns Picture

The Backstory of Starswirls Parents, Why they Left the Land of the three tribes and how they met the old master

The Memories of Swirling Cloud

This was it. We, Arcane Gleam and I, were going to die. But at least we would die together, as we promised each other, as we ran from our home into the unknown lands beyond the Crystal Mountains. We had met at a summit of the three tribes. He was with his father the Archmage of the Magum Stellarum, whose task it is to raise and lower Sun and Moon in the sky. I was with my General.

In the following we met in secret and eventually fell for each other. But we had to be careful the hatred between the three tribes has always existed and now it seemed to took a turn for the worse. Our Love would not be allowed, I a part of the Pegasi Miltary and Arcane the heir of the Unicorn Archmage. We could not take it any longer. We came up with a plan, we would leave our tribes, but where would we end up? We decided to go south, beyond the cold Crystal Mountains,not knowing what would await us, but we would try to find a home where we could live together, for it was better to fail together then to live apart for the rest of our lives. Then one night in early autumn we left in the dark of the night.

We kept away from the main roads, I had deserted and they would look for me. But sooner than expected we had reached the mountains. They were a giant wall of cold rock and stone, the last boader of the known world. Beyond them the unknown.


The Lands beyond the mountains were strange to us, everything was different from what we had known. The clouds were high in he sky and moved uncontrolled and all on they own, the animals were wild and it felt colder. The seasons were moving differently! Winter was near! And neither of us were prepared for the sudden coming of winter. We had to find civilization or at least shelter and means to get food and drinkable water.


Nothing. We found nothing, no cities, no villages, no cottages, not even a road or a pathway nothing but wilderness. We were weak and snow was falling for two days already. We also had lost all our baggage yesterday, after a run in with the strangest creatures I had seen in my life so far. Wolves, but not as we knew them, they were made of wood and timber. They reassembled after Arcane tried to blast them into pieces. While running we lost everything we had left. Desperate we came to the conclusion that we would not make it. We took a seat under a tree ready to die. There we were but it was not the end.

A voice rang through the air. At first quiet like a whisper, but it grew louder. The voice was deep booming, like the sound of a giant bell. We could not understand the words, but who ever the voice belonged to, was singing and he walked right towards us. Hope began to awaken in us once more, Somepony or something lived here! And in the darkness we could see a light. It wasn't the light of a flame, it was the same light that would veil Arcane's horn when he was casting spells. Was the unknown stranger a unicorn? In shock of the situation neither of us could move.

And then we saw him and he saw us. He passed our tree and his gaze fell on us. Our eyes met his own blue ones.

(please keep in mind I'm not a native speaker so don't kill me for grammar of other kinds of mistakes)
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