Influence Map by Jayrie Picture

6 months ago, when this meme was very popular, I started this but couldn't bring myself to finish it. For my own peace of mind, I have completed this project in order to jumpstart my creativity. This is more of an Inspiration Map than an Influence Map, but don't inspiration and influence go hand in hand? I hope you are inspired as I was. ^_^

1. Disney's Beauty and the Beast
-- Every time I watch this childhood favorite, I'm inspired! The music, the animation, the story, all of it! Not to mention, the fantastic work by Glen Keane and Andreas Deja! Gotta love 'em!
2. Mythology
-- I've always been fascinated by mythology, from ANY culture, but especially by Greek and Roman myths. Cupid and Psyche happens to be my favorite myth, especially as illustrated by Kinuko Craft (who is also listed below!).
3. James Christensen
-- His work is a family favorite. I love his fantasy paintings, especially from Voyage of the Basset!
4. Nene Tina Thomas
-- I most often judge my work by hers; her fairies are so beautiful!
5. Magazine Ads
-- I studied advertising in college, so I'm naturally drawn towards any kind of ad, but especially in magazines. Fashion ads in particular are weird and colorful and artsy!
6. Hayley Westenra
-- I often put her songs (namely 'My Heart Belongs to You' and 'River of Dreams') on repeat when drawing. I never get tired of them!
7. Kinuko Craft
-- I love the rich detail of her work; I just get lost in her paintings!
8. Anime
-- I couldn't get enough of it as a teenager, especially Sailor Moon and Pokemon, my first two anime obsessions. Although I've moved beyond that phase, the bright colors and large eyes always get my creative juices flowing.
9. Enya
-- One of the first musicians I really connected with, her music just filled my head with pictures!
10. Jewelry
-- I could browse antique stores and thrift stores for hours looking at antiques and vintage jewelry. What girl doesn't love sparkles?
11. Scott Gustafson
-- I love his animal characters; they really bring out my inner child!
12. Nature
-- Sunsets, rivers, the woods, birds, anything, you name it!
13. Alphonse Mucha
-- I absolutely love art nouveau, especially by Alphonse Mucha!
14. Trina S. Hyman
-- Her fairy tale work is slightly darker, but still very beautiful.
15. Venetian Masks
-- Mysterious and beautiful and elegant... what else can I say?
16. The Nutcracker
-- I discovered Maurice Sendak's version in my grandparent's home when I was 8, and the story has been stuck in my head ever since. I wanted to see the ballet and made it a resolution every year for 8 years... then I tried watching the ballet on TV and got bored. That hasn't stopped my search, however, for a version that I like (sorry Mr. Sendak). One day I hope to adapt my own version and illustrate it.
17. Fantasy Gowns
-- I get lost for hours on websites with movie costumes, gowns and fairy tale dresses. It's the little girl in me, I guess!

Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS3 and countless hours

Thank you!

P.S. If you are interested in trying this out for yourself, here is the link to the original meme. Have fun with it!
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