Flamemon Digi Evolutions Picture

One of my old fan made Digimon from way back. He was around in my imagination before I even decided to draw him.

His main source of energy is flames. He can only exist outside flames and heat for so long. Flames allow him to have around eight or ten hours of energy outside of them. Burning embers at least give him five or six. His baby form requires a candle or an incense to survive. After those two forms, he has the form of Pyromon, which has a lot more impact than his basic form. It survives without the constant need of a flame and takes the form of a firey phantom with wings. It's ultimate form is Heliotuirmon, which references the bringers of the sun and moon in Greek mythology and the contrast between light and darkness. He tends to wear a mask, because of the intense heat of his real face.
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