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Sorry it took a while, but here it is! The last of Atlantis trilogy! I went a bit looser and had more fun with the references and the lore. Spot them all!

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The comet passed in the sky and the volcano eruptionwas nothing more thana false alarm. However, there was wonderful news for Atlantis when they discovered this strange copper-colroed matieral with majestic and wonderful properties that they nevr seen or ehard of before, especially with plenty of electric experiments done with it. THis sacred metal became the pride and joy of Atlantis and became associated with the superpower. It was none other than orichalcum. A room-temperature super-conductor, this caused a massive second Industrial Revolution and the exploration of new ideas and scientific progress.

Wood and stone began joining forces with steal along with new mateirals like plastic. Horselesses carriages that ran on lighting became more and more commonplace and the Age of Technology has been born. Of course, with new came, came new weapons. Guns, cannonss and more became introduced in warfare as the Atlantean giant mowed enemies and conquered them without mercy. However, with new innovation, came new ideas. New philosophies and not all of them were bound to the Atlantean ways. New nations began forming as they got their hands on the technolgoy and began melding it to their idealogoies and thier culture. Civilizations came and civilziations fell, but Alantis endured all of it. From insane weather pheneomena to uprisings, the empire endured, but now find themselves in a long and arduous struggle as new technologies are developed and they hope a way to finally claim dominance over the world is established.

Atlantis remains much as it did in the olden ways. While their technology and science has advanced, they retain several key cultural aspects such as their veneration of the sun and the waters. All of the orichalcum of their volcano has been mined up long ago, but they maintain the bulk of it, being used for experimental sciences. Floating trains connect the island while the metal is carefully recycled and used for whatever it could. Beyond magnet leivation, it has also been used to construct and run nuclear fusion reactors, keeping the power going for the continent. Beyond that though lies continues solar power. In terms of culture, Atlantis has progressed over time, taking in new ideas from around the world. WHile they are somewhat arrogant, it cane be explained due to the impact of histor they hae and the powerful role they still play. While they are still a monarchy, the role of king is now a cultural position, albiet with power equivalent to the executive branch of a democratic system and they are still married to the head-maiden, representative of the Mother Sun. A Prime Minister helps run the day by day basis of the Motherland, the Vassals and the Territories. The territories are in a state of flux, with some city states and groups of power vying for one another in potlicial and economical struggles, with war being a rarity nowadays.

Beyond the Atlantean power, there are her allies. The Xbalanquen Empire has thrived on the Continent of the Resting Sun, having spread north and south to become the main power on that continent. The blood sacirfice has since been long discontinued and they have been suceeding in establishing plenty of solar farms to power their farms. Their spirituality has shifted to adopt the more local customs, as hallucinagetic plants as peyote and shrooms are commonplace and used for religious and educational purposes. There is an itneresting contrast between large shimmering cities and small communes in the countryside. It's not uncommon for the Xbalanquen people to get the depiction of hot-blooded and passionate people on the moving pictures in Atlantean culture. They have been currently dealing with exotic experiments on their islands while also dealing with their neighbors to the north and the south, especially with the piracy. They grow plenty of products in their jungles while they have also raise animals in the northern areas whule they have also been making technology to minimize the damage from earthquakes.

To the east lies the sibling states, Khem and Orimiri. Khem continues to rely a great deal on their river, but they have also become the forerunner for processing plants to remove salt water from the sea and covnert it into fresh water to irrigate the lands, something that became of vast importance after the collapse of Zerzura. They have also been constructing massive train systems to span the Great Desert in the heart of their continent. Besides their sun worship, not much has changed for them though there is currently plenty of issues coming from the upsurge of believers due to the immigrants coming from the Arabian Peninsula along with the influence of their warrior culture. Across the sands, their neighbor, the Orimiri Federation has been doing well. The first Atlantean power to forgo a system of monarchy, they have been doing well with shipping their products and handling trade. Considered the odd child of the family, they are the one who least venerate the sun though religion isn't a big issue in their nation to begin with. Nonetheless, the iconography can still be seen all around the land. Plans are being made to expand more and mroe into the deser in the hopes of taming the sands and usurping dominance from Khem, all in friendly rivalry of course.

However, centuries of warfare and new idealogies means that Atlantis is not the sole superpower anymore. Standing against them is Thule. Descended from their mroe northern colonies in the continent of the Rising Sun, they were intitally pretty loyal and pretty strong. However, genetic mutations and adaptations led to them looking quite different from the Ataltneans with pale skin and with hair gold or red-colored. This along with being somewhat autonomous led to the rise of idealogoies of their superiroity and over the centuries through coups and bloodsheed, ended up rejecting Atlantis and became their own nation, especially when a charismatic leader came and proclaimed himself to be a prophet of the true deity and that they were the chosen people. This led to several wars with larger and more powerful weapons and armies. The Thulian people are pretty amicable and friendly though they have a penchant of being more arrogant than the Atlanteans are though it is a passive thing and somewhat mean well. Their belief is instead of a mother, a divine father was done and was done through powerful rituals and a representation of the wild aspect, of warriors. A patriarchal society of kings, they have developed their own archeitecture of stone towers and of warriors descending into a hall of feasts and beautiful women. Granted, even they have progressed as they acknowledge women are just as worthy of men on the battlefield while they've never shyed from those who prefer the same sex. Relying mainly on fishing and hunting for food, they have been trying to get their hands on orichalcum as well and much of their exploration out East was in search for plenty of raw materials, such as gold, oil ad so much more. Their colonies absorb the native peoples and teac them their ways while helping themselves to what lay beyond. Through the use of technology and the warrior spirit, they are taming the harsh bitter cold.

Thule's allies are not as sufferable to say the least. The Diustic Federation has a pantheon of deities based on warrior culture though they are a bit more animalistic and their key deity is a storm god. In terms of tech, they are very sufficient and analytical when it comes to engineering. However, this comes with a downside of a lack of ingenuity, but the craftsmanship of the technology is still impressive. They also prefer hunting on land as opposed to the sea like their Thulian breathren. Near them lies the strange Kingdom of Avalon. Keeping mainly to themselves, they have a system of a king with a strong order of knights to protect everyone. They have a mythologized view of their King; being some sort of emissary of some divine force who chooses a human host to be in. Each King chosen is but the avatar of the Eternal King of Avalon, leading his group of loyal knights. Despite the advancements and technology, they adhere to their beliefs and mythology very seriously and they have a pretty strong fleet.

Beyond the duality of Thule and Atlantis, two other forces stood against it. The Lemurian Pact was united under their belief of the lsot land of Lemuria. A continent beleived to be lost, they come from a verys trange arrangement, but they have proven to be a formidable force along with a very savage and powerful naval force. The Trinity are the three capital states, connected by several ships and plane rides with rumors of massive trains being built under the sea in order to connect all thrree of them. Between the three lie several massive ships acting as small cities and several fleets protecting the area from interference. Furthermore, they expanded outward on land and captured many kingdoms to be pulled under their sway. Having a pantheon of powerful deities possessing flying machines and such, their pythology has influenced their culture and military. Beyond portrayng their belief of Lemuria, they have been maintaining their culture and advancing the technology of the natives. They are pretty humble and ncie to get along with although some have been viewed as eccentric. Viewed as exotic alongside of Mu, many of the peiple here possess a unique way of doing things, including a complex caste system, even with more civil rights and personal liberties have been implemented throughout the years. The culturae has also been known as Kumari Kandem, occasionally used as an alternate name for the people. Passionate, well-meaning and pretty relaxed, they are among the newer pwoers and they get along with everyone mroe or less in terms of the powers.

Their allies consist of those whom they influenced or help establish their own states, hence why they ar epart of the alliance. The Empire of Zara follow their ancient religion of a monolithic deity and supreme creator which has evolved and changed over the years, involving on some sort of figure named Mithra. Beyond that, they have been essentional in taming the large foot-shaped peninsula that has been nearby for them. While they are not truly sure over the belief of Lemuria, they were saved from being annexed by the Atlanteans thanks to the Lemurians so they are not going to complain. To the west of them lies the mountainous state of Kafkuh. With bridged through the mountains and armed well, they are on guard against th advancements of the Atlanteans and the hdgepodge of different people have untied against this while grateful for their allies of Lemuria. Their borders are armed and a battelfield against the infantry of the Atlantean foot soldiers, but things have quieted down, having coming and gone over the years. Nchiupyan was a former colony discovered by the people here of Lemuria and they ended up using the resources and the people here. The people grew strong and educated, having relied on these strangers to help stop the advancement of their neighbors onto their land. The lakes provide many benefits and they have grown well from trading with their enighbors. Furthermore, their policies mean they are able to access goods from their neutral neighbors and get them into the Lemurian circle. Arguably one of the best places to live, the people here live in relative comfort and enjoy being away from the madness up north, but they are still armed in the event of invasions and such.

Lastly, far east lies Mu. Another country believing to be older than Atlantis, unlike the Lemurians, they have some proof over this and they have a very distinct culture and belief, sucha s their empeor who came from heaven along with some strange beliefs. The main people of Mu are mastes of the sea, even more than the people of Lemuria. They are all settled on isloands with advanced communication centers on each one. The people of the island believe the are standing on the sunken mountain tops of Mu and considering how alike the people area and the shared culture, they might be right. Through their fleets and market ships, they have conquered the grater lands and clonzied the people, but their ehart belongs to the sea. By now, traveling by sea is as simple as going by buys and there have been projects on creating better flights to reach over to the islands and so on. They have managed to establish control voer larger islands and sued the to construct larger ships and where the ships are held along with the products that help keep Mu running. Tribute states were found by explorers who helped extablish scoeities and thus help out by maintiang the naval empire. Colonies were etablished by heading out further and further, where the people were different. While not focused on oceans and exploring seas, much could be done in exploring as well as lubmwr and in mining with riches and new things to see. The legend of Mu is unknown, but some believe it started when an Atlantean scholar heard the legends and began connecting them along with other strange discoveries. This spread to some of the people of the lands and it all spiraled from there.

However, they didn't overtake everyone through conquering, but their influence went far and wide. The Malay Thalassocracy was their first colony that branched and became its own thing, namely because they were left to themselves. They were culturally distinct with a different language and prefered to keep to themselves, but they helped their motherland enter the large continents and take the peiple there. The twin republics were also two powerful forces on the mainland. Huanghe and Yangzte, they believe in the Emperor that descended from Heaven and came down to rescue them and unite them. However, it is now beleied the Emperor was not from Heaven per say, but possibly the last Muian who came in tor escue the people here. Thw two republics have focused on their rivers and diverged in different focus, due to their unfluences. While the Yangtze took more influence from their southern neighbirs and Muian colonies, Huanghe resmelbed a bit more the horde up north. Nonetheless, they are a powerful and popular destination for the people to visit and respected by many, including the Atlanteans. They have added many own unique discoveries and such like paper and the like, beign an exotic and itneresting place to visit.

However, there are other nations beyond the big four. Hahnuhah was born during a revival of practices and the colonists' descendents joing up with the natives in rebelling against Atlantean influence. Now a neutral power, they are a growing economic force and welcome anyone who wishes to escape the madness of the proxy wars. Cambeba and the Inkan Empire also rebelled, due to having been farway and not really feeling represented by the Atlanteans. They have also broken away and established their own powers. The Inkans have also traded with the people of Mu and some believe that Muian artifacts may be with the Inka, who ahven't responded. The Cambeba people are trying to maintian dominance over Pindorama and have been arming the natives in roder to push other companies our and they can gain dominance over it. It helps that they speak similar languages and good relationships with the people there. Punt remain free of the influence of Atlantis and its children, which annoys Kemet to no end. They also have a stake in the peninsula while also trading with the Lemurians and with their neighbors, the people of New Zerzura. After deserifcation turned the north of africa into an endless sea of sand, the people headed into the center of the continent, filled with primitives, thick jungles and the like. But they have long sinced tamed their ome and the plenty of rivers and supplies have allwoed New Zerzura to become better than ever. Trees growing with buildings and plenty of strange animals are seen here. While they try to keep to themselves, they often have to defend themsleves from Lemurian and Atlantean interests. Lastly, lies the mobile nation, the Great Horde. These might nomadic people traveled on horses and maintained the land. They now have mobile cities and travel in weaponzied transporation vehicles while there are some permnanet megacities serving as large rest hubs for the smaller moving cities as well as holy sites. Feared for their ruthlessness and power, they were not liked since they ended up spreading the Black Death a century ago and caused many problems for the people of the world.

Technology has advanced as people get power from the tides, winds and the sun. Factories are seen making products and wepaons while airships dot the skys and megaships cover the seas. Atlantis remains the most superior because of their monopoly on orichalcum and they have also colonized the moon. Star travel has become the next big thing in the hopes of finding more orichalcum or proof of life in the stars, having recieved strange radio signals.
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