::Mizuki:: Picture


And it's not that sucky!
Press "Download" to see all of the <strike>shitty mistakes</strike> details in the full-size!

I'm trying to do different styles now, a chibi head was weird in this position, so I opted for normal anime head. I think it worked out very well (it better have, I looked at so many examples my eyes hurt)

I will color this in later, but do to it as you must, have fun and go crazy. Just submit it onto DA and make sure that you post a link here so I can see how awesome your coloring is!

And for those who care (not many of you) she's my character.
Name: Mizuki (beautiful moon)
Age: 12
Birthday: October 15th.
Origin: Mother is Japanese, father is German. Born in Japan. Father is a pure blood werewolf. Mother is a mutt of dragon demon heritage with vampire and werewolf blood.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blond
Likes: Astrology, Greek mythology, paranormal, music.
Dislikes: Hospitals, frilly things, loud noises, people talking to her like she's deaf.
Other: Her father is blind and she's mute but can some how communicate with her mother, her father, and all beings that have had a near-death experience or are dead.

Enough of that annoying shit.

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