Noir Hecate Application Picture

Name: Noir Hecate

(Noir is of French origin and means black, Hecate is the name of a goddess in Greek mythology. She is often associated with crossroads, entrance ways, the moon, magic witchcraft.)

Age: 19 years (Appearance wise.)

Sex: Female

Rank: Common Vampire

Height: 5’5

Weight: 119 IB (53.97 KG)

(Slender and petite looking but can pack a serious punch.)

Orientation: Straight?

(She’s never given it much thought, or cared to be honest.)


Aloof | Forlorn | Stubborn | Prideful | Calm | Quiet | Desperate

Due to past events Noir has discarded what she deems as useless, developing emotional connections and friendships in one of those “useless” things. Aloof, she always appears to be far away from others. Forlorn from a distance, her expression is always the same and she rarely smiles. Although she is known to be quite stubborn in her own right, not willing to drink blood of humans on the battle field, purely because she thinks that having to rely on human blood to survive is a horrible way to live, her pride won’t allow her to feed on humans merely for sport.

In battle Noir is always calm, even in dire situations she always keeps a leveled head and thinks clearly on how to win, or to survive. Quiet Noir only speaks when spoken to and rarely seeks to strike her own conversation, there are some exceptions though.

Sometimes though, Noir can appear quite desperate, she used to have nightmares about her sister and her death, but they've lessened over the recent years. On these days she’s a bit more jumpy and emotional than normal and tends not to leave her room, and if she is even quieter than usual.

Weakness: Noir has a fear of insects, especially the flying sort. She has little care for her body and self worth.

Strengths: She's a skilled fighter having been taught for years. She's actually a good listener, partially because she doesn't talk much.

Well adapted with long swords that are almost taller than she is.
Not easily manipulated by others.

Likes | Dislikes

[+] Singing (anything music related)

[+] Flowers

[+] Reading books on herbs, mythology, history, astronomy

[+] Reading (novels, light novels)

[-] Sleeping

[-] Humans and vampires



A common vampire who lived quite a normal life as a human with her twin sister Hinoka and parents before the Virus outbreak when she was 11. Her parents died from the outbreak, and during the chaos Hinoka was trampled in a fleeing crowd and died later as a result of her injuries. There isn't a grand story as to how she came to be a vampire, it just happened one day. She really doesn't remember the specifics of it either.

Now having been a vampire for a little over 8 years, and within the last two began to drink human blood, halting her age indefinitely. She has risen up somewhat from her time living on the streets having to struggle to survive like she did in the outbreak. She has also grown rather cold towards people, especially humans, though she has felt that away about some vampires as well. Such as those who have little self control over the laws. Since becoming a vampire, she has transferred to many different locations, before finally finding a more permanent one in where she is now.

Noir Hecate is a name she picked for herself after her awakening as a vampire. Since her sister’s death, Noir has become rather distant with almost anyone. She has no desire to create new bonds as she put it. She’s mainly driven by her sister to continue on living, no matter form she takes. She in her free time she usually spends her time on roof tops napping, or stargazing.

Perhaps it's time for a change.



  • Teamwork: 26
  • Strength: 21
  • Agility: 28
  • Defense: 26
  • Stamina: 19

(Note: For some reason I had one heck of a time deciding on a story for her, but she was so easy to draw. -__-;;; I most probably derped somewhere on the app, I always seem to do it despite going over it.

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