Egyptian Couples - Seshat and Thoth - The Nerds Picture

Just a little doodle series I'm thinking of doing over the summer! This was literally sketched during
one of my lectures, so sorry it's not all that great!

But a doodle of Seshat the goddess of wisdom and writing and Thoth/Djehuty, the ibis headed god of wisdom, scribe of the gods,
god of language, writing, the moon and other things!

Seshat is ONE of the wives of Thoth. In other myths he is said to be married to the Truth goddess Ma'at. So in my versions
of the myths he's married to both! Ancient Egyptians believed in polygamy! Chief wives, minor wives etc...

It says in some myths that Seshat and Thoth had a son called Hornub, but how accurate this is I'm not sure! Probably spent a lot of time in the library
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