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Ok, sorry for the lame title ness. I couldn't come up with something better.
Oh and yes, scanner was on its usual 'hey, Mizumi scans a drawing, let's screw it!' road, so eh, yeah.

This is my character Kiria Moantsuri, actually from my Sailor Moon fanfic but because this piccie doesn't show it's a fan char, I just put it in the normal drawings category. Anyway, in the storyline, her soul has fused with the soul of Psyche, a beautiful princess from Greek mythology (and if you want to know more, just google =3). But she can't remember and made other decisions than Psyche - she chose Cadimo, the one whose soul fused with Hypnos's (god of sleep) instead of Eros. The Eros of the present time is a demon, and his 'memories' (even though his soul never fused with Eros's to begin with) are still intact. And thus, he wants his Psyche back and kidnaps Kiria. In a vision, she sees the god whose name he's taken and transforms into Psyche (and yeah, Kiria and Psyche look creapily similar in this story In the picture, I dressed Kiria up as Psyche and let her reach towards a pair of angel wings and a pair of bat wings. You can probably tell who's who, right? Eros and Hypnos.
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Kiria and story line © me
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