OC Commission: Tenno Ryuunosuke Bankai Picture

Holy cow this was a big project! This is perhaps the biggest single image pic that I have drawn to date. It features BaronGoldfist's Bleach OC Tenno Ryuunosuke in his bankai state. While in his bankai state, Tenno can summon nine different dragons representing nine different elements. I'm a stickler for detail so put as much detail and effort into each dragon as I do one transformer. This project spent a long time in the R&D stage because I wanted each dragon to be a character in and of itself. Just to give you an example how big this project was, with all of the layers merged, the file size was originally 20 Mb on Adobe Photoshop. My first requested picture, (fav.me/d7jc2b7), was only 4.23 Mb. In order to make it user friendly, I shrunk the file down to 10 Mb. This project has taken me a long time to produce. BaronGoldfist I am so sorry that it has taken this long.

Tenno and the dragons belong to
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