Alazne Picture

Name: Alazne Delfin
Trollian handle: curiousApothecary
Age: 16 Beforus sweeps
Quirk: tYp3s wIth tH3 s3cond l3tter cApitaliz3d aNd r3places h3r 'e' with '3'
Hive location: Close to the beach to be near her matesprit (Im shipping her with my seadweller and no one can stop me)
Lusus: Ferret Mom
Personality: Sassy as all Hell and quick to stick up for her friends, VERY headstrong
Background: With a strong power, she quickly rose in respects from other trolls, even obtaining the elusive seadweller for a matesprit. When she was young and just learning how to use her psiionics, she accidentally made a tree branch fall on another troll.
Later on in her life that troll came back and clawed her eye, leaving her partially blinded.
She and Aeriss never got along- Aeriss was always generally rude to her, and she was never very kind in return. Their rivalry has been going on for so long that neither of them remember how it started.
Likes: -Fluffy creatures
- brown Faygo
Dislikes: -other lowbloods (she sees them as being weaker)
- scale beasts
- Aeriss
Land: The Land of Dragons and Clouds
Title: Sylph of Hope
Consort: A mysterious one known only as SG ( sadistic gentleman)
Moon: Derse
Strife Specibus: Whip Kind
Dancestor: Donato Delfin
Ancestor: The Enforcer

Matesprit: Ianthe (My Tyranian Blood)
Kismesis: Aeeiss (Everyone who knows me knows Aeriss


I just adopted this cutie pie from [link]
They did the talksprite toooo

She's so cuuute <3
Alazne (c) Me
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