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Long time no upload here OAO"" So sowwy. But I'm back with an Alpakatya!! ~ 8DDD
This laydeh was on the top of the so far piled up drawings of mine for a while already, I decided to get her done. Then I had the problem where to put her since omg I can't imagine her as a warrior XD Really no. Uhm. So I'll use this bby for something more calm. I decided to put her in Hana Mix. Take care of her pls.
But haha kill me I make so many OCs TvT

Katyusha " Katya" Zelenko
Full Name: Katyusha Zelenko
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Date of Birth: February 2
Zodiac: Aquarius
Origin of Birth: Russia
Language(s): English, Russian
Accents(?): bit of Russian slightly heard here and there
Mix: Alpaca/White Alstroemeria
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Physical Frame: Fit
Skin Tone: Fair
-Scars: None
-Freckles: None
Hair: Now hear me this is some pinkish light brown. I really don't know how to call that color XD And the bangs have a little purple owo
Eyes: left: blue/dark blue right:teal
Animal Anatomy Features: Fluffy ears and tail
Personality: dreamer,hyper with people she knows more shy with ones she doesn't know,cold at first but if you know her better she is really nice,socially awkward ( she doesn't really know how to deal with people),fun,sometimes sarcastic,naive bit,loyal ,hardworking,cheerful most of the time,silly
Hobbies: She is a weaboo kinda,obsessed with mythology and believes in those creatures ( I didn't lie when I said she is a dreamer. ) Aliens. ( Well...some people just don't get her hobby )
Love Interest: None ( But she wouldn't notice if someone would hit on her since she is just not good with stuff like that ^^"" Cottonhead. She is too innocent. )
Sexual Orientation: Hetero
Family Members: Faina ( Mother ) Lizaveta ( Grandmother ) Anton ( Father )
~ When she was younger she was more outgoing and open to people when she was around 11 something caused her to turn total introvert and cold. Or not totally since she opens for people but for just the ones she trust enough and she feels she can be herself with. She was often bullied for her body. Currently she is working as a hairdresser/make up artist. Mostly she takes care of Tsubaki and Seth if they are going for an interview or anything important. She works with actors/actresses,models so she is used to them. (Usually she always takes care of males more. )
Occupation: University, Hair Salon
Dream Occupation: Master Hairdresser and make up artist.
-Animal: I'm trying not to die here. She loves strange animals. Flying squirrels,,tatus,meerkats etc. I think her faves are small animals like that. Also she likes squids. Pfft.
-Drink: Tea what her mama makes
-Food: Lasagna
-Dessert: Golden Dumpling Coffee Cake/ Macarons ( Alpacarons XD )
-Color: Purple
-Types of Movies: Horror Movies, Comedies,Animated films
-Season: Winter
-Places to go: Amusement park,The Bistro of her family,Park,Flower Garden
Least Favorites-
-Animals: Spiders/Cockroaches
-Drinks: Cranberry Juice
-Food: Cauliflower
-Dessert: none I think
-Color: Yellow
-Types of Movies: Sci-fi ( Even is she is kinda a nerd,nope. Some of those are nope. ) Those horribly cheesy romantic films,soap operas...if those places have it.
-Season: Summer ( too hot )
-Places to Go: Supermarkets ( She gets sick from too much people,it's a phobia ),classes,mostly places with a lot of people really...
Fears: Claustrophobia, and as I said the fear from people but she doesn't hate then or anything just she is kinda afraid
Fun Facts:
~ Her boobs are even smaller than Xiu's she's almost flat,but she was never bothered by it
~ People used to ask her if she is alright since they think she looks ill,she is tired of it
~ She collects moon and star charms on a bracelet and even an alien/space/mythic ones,she has those kind of things. She finds it cute.
~ When she knows a person she is really happy around it and talks a lot,but if she feels uncomfortable she is not even talking she is afraid if she ruins something or says something stupid or they'll laugh
~ When she is upset she yells on russian
~ She draws "beautifully" see that alpaca there XD she draws like that. She's an artist.
~ She almost died once. ( Once she managed to dye Lyssa's hair blonde. She survived. )
~ Hard for her to make friends/talk to people.
~ She likes to dress cute ~
~ The pendant she wears is from her grandma
~ She hates Russel ( lol no surprise ) He even calls her llama and sometimes pulls her ears,or puts his leg out for her to fall. She just ignores him though.
~ When she is bored she watches soap operas what she hates so it's no surprise if she screams " JUAN MIGUEL!! " at someone
~ If you have raspberries,strawberries,apples or any red fruit you win over her heart

Art,Character belongs to me
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