Redesigned Combat Ready Notollya Dunois Picture

I've held off for a LONG time by not posting these redesigns of my oc team JSMN but I finally got around to it and here they are! The outfits are something I've imagined for them since day one but was limited by a number of things. This one features the resident team worrywart, pseudo accountant etc. of the team, Notollya Dunois. It captures the color she represents well and is possibly my favorite of the redesigns. I'll also be readding their biographies in the description as some of them have gone through weapon changes. Also note that these are not outfits representing the timeskip in Volume 4 of canon but entirely new outfits meant to overwite the previous ones.

Artist: D-Floyd

Notollyas Bio

Name: Notollya Dunóis(Notō Japanese for deep pink) also her name is pronounced Noe-tall-ya Doon-wa

Weapon: Notollya's weapon is a Dust infused chain sword known as Jormangand. Like any conventional Chain sword you can switch freely between the two with a mechanism and Notollyas is the little red button on the hilt (though I've been thinking of making it into a trigger.) The dust bit comes in from a cartridge that is inserted into the bottom of the sword (like Blake loads Gambol Shroud) that contains a type of dust, which is then fed through the "dust wire" in the center that charges her attacks elementally. She is penchant for Ice and Lightning dust types.

Reason for the name: The name comes from a serpent in Norse mythology who is known as the World Serpent was one of Loki's children and enemy to Thor. This in turn is why Notollya uses Lightning dust in her weapon to further supplement the lore; however it also ties into her own lore. When she was younger a Large Taijitu, known as "Roht" by the locals, took her brothers arm and is responsible for her developing her fear of Grimm. She named her blade as such in the hopes that one day she'd use it to strike the beast down. Roht is "Thor" spelled backwards and alludes to a rivalry between Notollya and the Grimm

Note: This weapon used to be Mella's but I've since adopted it to Notollya

Semblance: Photokinesis, She can bend light and even move it around to cast images to throw the enemy off and even manipulate colors. She can refract light into a concentrated energy beam with the help of her aura but this act is strenuous and drains aura quickly. A weaker escape method she uses is a miniature "flash-bang" which causes temporary blindness. She has trouble creating images but uses this method in her training (to overcome her fear.) Notollya can also render herself temporarily invisible by bending light away from her body

Weaknesses - She can't use this semblance in light devoid areas. Its also slightly weaker in the presence of synthetic or dim lighting.

Strengths - The semblance is at its most powerful during solar flares/perfect moon lighting or when being amplified by Mella's semblance

Reasons for her Semblance:
Notollya has always felt that she was limited in her ability to do things due to her inability to "predict what's next." Her semblance was born from the belief that if she can shine a light on the darkness clouding her vision and heart that she can truly move forward in life/training studies/anything

Age: 17

Height: 5'6"

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Dark Pink

Aura Color: Hot Pink

Race: Human

Status: Member of Team JSMN

Partner: Mella Mavros

Nicknames: Nene or Nottie(by team JSMN to shorten her name) or sometimes Grandma(because of her hair)

Likes: Cheese, Team RWBY, Dead Fantasy, Sora Aquamar, History Lectures, Her Family

Dislikes: Sora's flirting, Carding Winchester, Creatures of Grimm

Personality: Being raised in a somewhat strict household with two older brothers Notollya had to learn a peculiar personality. This in turn lead her to develop a respectful, and somewhat venomous tone (if necessary,) in her speech which was completely inherited from her mother Cora. She's not outright rude unless provoked. Along with that she is very analytical of things, sometimes overly so, but this allows her to view things as they are; however sometimes this causes her to miss the point of simple things. Deep down she hides a nature that is drawn to action and she refuses to admit this but its often given away when you see her favorite movies/tv shows which are things like Mission Impossible, Transformers, Cops lol. Over all, she's a nice, respectable young lady that isn't afraid to defend herself or speak her mind but all with eloquence
Edit: In addition to this being raised by her mother to succeed causes Notollya to strive for perfection in her studies so she's often the reason for JSMN's study sessions, at least with books (Jade handles sparring lessons)A book smart girl who lacks a bit of common sense and direction. She doesn't have trouble with studies, just people.

Birthplace: Mistral

Family: A Father named Baker(who is a history professor at a university), a stay at home mother named Cora, and two older brothers named Saul(20) and Mauv(24) who own a dust shop in Vale

Birthday: June 18

Story: Notollya was born of Baker and Cora Dunòis in the Mistral region. Notollya is a rather typical case of bookworm, no matter where she was growing up she had her nose in a book absorbing knowledge; this being partially due to her mother Cora being very serious about her children succeeding in life and being a little hard on them if they failed (lovingly so.) Her mother used to help mine dust and is tough as nails, and was also on a team with Jades father in the past. Her father is a History Professor, so being their child Notollya a good mix of brain and brawn. Notollya is a complete scatterbrain when it comes to common sense; but was one of the top of her class at Signal. She also has a fear of the creatures of Grimm but she is trying to become a huntress to help move past it. The fear of the creatures of Grimm comes from her PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder); at a young age she witnessed her eldest brother lose his right arm to a King Taijitu.

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