Helios Inquisitor WIP Picture

A work in progress doodle of my Inquisitor from Dragon Age Inquisition! Oh, my god. I love this game so much. I've only have it for little less than two weeks and its amazing. I played the first two games, but this game is by far the best. The storyline, the art, the characters, the romance, the friendship, the diverse characters. Sigh, it has everything I need.

A little about Helios. My first game, I named my Warden Selene after the goddess of the moon for Greek mythology, unaware of the fact that there is an important character whose name is Celene (I seriously, did not know that!). While deciding my Inquisitor's name, I once again turned to Greek mythology. For some reason, Helios stuck out to me and, poof, the rest is history.

Helios is a sweet Dalish elf who wields a battle ax or sledgehammer on the battle field. She enjoys pulling pranks of fellow comrades and eating pies with Sera and dragon hunting with Iron Bull.
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