Known as the Lady of the Moon, the Seas, and Winter. She is a Daimon Guardian of Darkness as well as Noctis Volucris’ wife. She is also Lord Solfrid’s (of the Sun, Volcanoes, and Summer) younger sister. She’s also a Dancer and a Siren. She is a white ball-jointed doll, a cat, and a spider.

Her story:

Before she was a Dancer, she was a Soldier along side with Solfrid. They shared the same sky, like they do now, but Cyra was always envious of how bright Solfrid was. And Isila Válka, being the God of Light/Day, only made Cyra more excluded. She then meets Noctis, the god of Darkness, and Noctis tells Cyra that she too can be bright like the Sun. “ The Light you so desire lies with what your eyes see the most~ Once you obtain it, you may also be like a Sun. ” Noctis said to Cyra with a chuckle. At first, Cyra didn’t understand, but soon realized that she would have to steal Solfrid’s face (or mask-face-whatever) in order to achieve the Light. She does just that (with Noctis’ help of course) and places the mask behind her head.

Unfortunately, the mask does not work as well and Cyra developed another voice and another personality. Needless to say, she’s pretty pissed at Noctis.

To make matters worse, Isila Válka confronts both Noctis and Cyra and demands Solfrid’s face back or he will wage war (because war solves all problems). Noctis steps in and offers a deal.

“ Let the Moon keep her sister’s face, but know that she will never be as bright as the Sun. The Mask will never Light up unless the Darkness eats the sky and the sun. When the Darkness blocks the Sun, the Sun will be behind the thin black sheet. And when the sun’s rays hits the Mask…only then will the Mask work. The Moon shall be the Night Sky’s Sun! And as for Solfrid, whenever young planets gather around a Star, I shall pluck my Crow’s eye and give it to the Sun. The Sun will rule over all Suns and not just one. ”

Art Credit:

Painting I used for a palette for the winter painting || Wave pattern I used for the… waves|| And because I’m too lazy to make a proper background, here’s where I found a nice vector image and edited the colors to make it more appealing.

Author's Notes:

This is my original character who's part of my fictional mythology known as Heelal-Paxmentism. If you use this for anything (avatar, background, etc.) please provide credit. Do not claim as yours thanks bye.
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